My Everyday Makeup Brushes

I LOVE makeup brushes, not only are they fantastic at their job of applying products, they’re also so pretty, hence why I enjoy having a good collection.

Your finished makeup really is determined by your tools so investing in good brushes is worth while.

I have a few staple brushes that I reach for everyday and I know I can rely on to apply my products exactly how I want it.

I thought I’d share with you my top makeup brushes that I think are worth the money.


(They need a wash but I think this just shows they’re well loved)

Face Brushes

I apply my foundation with a Real techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, hence there is no foundation brush, but if you’re after a good one, I can recommend the Zoeva 102 Silk Finish Brush. 

Corrector – Isabella Scott, this brush doesn’t have a name on it but it came in an eye brush trio. I like to use this to apply cream correctors like the Bobbi Brown one under my eyes as it is small and I can get right in the corner of my eyes.

ConcealerReal techniques Setting Brush, the best for under eye concealer, I use my sponge to blend concealer on blemishes.

PowderThe Vintage Cosmetic Company Dusting and Powder Brush, this brush is massive but it applies a light layer of powder and is great for blending and smoothing base makeup

Applying Cream ContourZoeva 142 Concealer Buffer, I feel this brush gives me good precision and control when applying the cream contour without being too thin

Blending Cream ContourZoeva 110 Face Shape Brush, as well as using my sponge to blend, I like to buff the cream contour out to blend it with this brush to keep it natural

BronzerZoeva 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush, I love this angled brush for bronzer, it is just the right size for my face and applies it evenly.

Highlighter – Primark Angled Face Brush, again this brush doesn’t have a name on it but it is an angled face brush, I find it perfect for applying highlighter to my face, however I do also like fan brushes for this.

BlusherReal techniques Stippling Brush, this brush isn’t in the pictures as I don’t often wear blush, but when I do, I find this brush applies it the best for me.

Brow and Eye Brushes 

BrowsMAC 208 Brush, this small angled brush is really well known for being great for brows and I can see why, it is really precise and easy to use.

Applying Brow ConcealerThe Vintage Cosmetic Company Concealer Brush, I often have to neaten my brows with a MAC concealer, and I find this small pointed brush the best way to do that neatly.

Blending Brow Concealer – Real Techniques Deluxe Concealer Brush, this small dense brush is ideal for blending small areas of concealer like around the brows, it gives a really airbrushed finish.

Brow Bone and Inner Eye Highlight– Barbara Daly Shadow Brush, I have no idea the name of this brush as it is so old and nasty, but it is my favourite brush for this job, I am sure there are others on the market similar to this in shape and size.

Base ShadowReal techniques Base Shadow Brush, I have so many of these brushes, they’re ideal for the job of applying shadow evenly across the lid and you can even do a bit of blending with it.

Shadow BlendingZoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer, this brush is really similar to the MAC 217 which I also love, both are just really good for getting a seamless blend without rubbing away all the pigmentation of the shadow.

If I need a harsher blend and those brushes aren’t cutting it, maybe if my shadow has gone too high on my brow bone, I find a clean(ish) Real techniques Deluxe Crease Brush does the job perfectly.

So, those are my everyday/ favourite makeup brushes, they’re all linked throughout the post so if you like the sound of them, you know where to find them.




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