My Experience of TGI Fridays as a Coeliac

Eating out as someone who is gluten free or has Coeliac Disease is a real challenge, especially with the recent discoveries that a lot of cafes and restaurants aren’t taking allergens as seriously as they should but one place I have always had a good experience is TGI Fridays!

I’ve mentioned TGI Fridays as one of my top restaurants for gluten free before but I am such a regular visitor to them, I thought I’d take the time to write a whole post on my experience with them, my favourite dishes and just why I love going there so much!

The TGI Fridays Gluten Free Experience 

The first thing I love so much about eating at TGI Fridays is that they have such an extensive gluten free menu (and lactose free if that’s what you need)!

There’s burgers that come with buns, there’s steaks, seafood, veggie options and more! There’s also choices for starters, mains and desserts, so you don’t have to miss out at all!

The best part of the TGI experience for me is actually ordering my food! This is the only restaurant I’ve ever been to where they insist the manager comes and takes your order and this is a procedure that is consistent across all restaurants which is really reassuring!

The manager on shift will come over, usually introduce themselves, ask about your allergies, explain the processes for preparing your food in the kitchen and then take your order! I always find the manager is always happy to explain the changes to your dish to ensure it’s gluten free, any differences in preparing and cooking your food and they’re always so helpful with any changes you want to make to the dish!

The manager or chef will always bring your meal out to you too which also fills me with confidence that my meals has been made with care!

My Top TGI Gluten Free Picks

I am a bit of a creature of habit, so I do tend to order the same thing from TGI Fridays but I have tried a few things off the gluten free menu and I’ll be honest, they’ve all impressed me.

The first thing I love is that you can have chips here because that’s something us Coeliacs end up missing out on at a lot of restaurants! I believe they don’t add the seasoning to the chips as that isn’t gluten free but the chips are safe for us to eat!

I tend to always go for a cheese burger with fries and it is spot on every time! The bun is so soft and tasty, unlike some gluten free bread buns that can be dry! They put plenty of mayo and cheese on and the burgers are just super juicy and delicious! The serving of chips is always seriously generous which I’m not complaining about!

I sometimes choose not to have the bun, like in one of the pictures below and they’re always fine with that and just serve it without!


I have also tried the fillet steak from the gluten free menu which was also so good! A really good quality piece of meat and it was cooked perfectly – medium rare! Again, this was served with plenty of chips and I ordered a side of vegetables to go with it and they were also really nice!

I’m usually too full for pudding at TGIs but I have tried the toffee popcorn sundae before and although I had to share it with someone else because it was so big, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

My Overall Thoughts on TGI Fridays as a Coeliac 

I honestly don’t think there’s another restaurant I could say this about but I have NEVER had a problem at TGI Fridays as a Coeliac or just as a customer.

The service is always great, especially for people with allergies, the gluten free menu is extensive, the food is delicious and their kitchen procedures are clearly working because I have never been made ill by eating there!

There’s something on the menu to suit everyone and the prices are also pretty reasonable, so if you’re looking for a tasty lunch or dinner, I guarantee you’ll never be too far from a TGI Fridays restaurant and it is definitely worth a visit!


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