My Gluten Free Bucket List

As much as I love living in Cheshire, I do feel that as a gluten-free foodie the place to be really is London and the south of England in general, it just seems to be where all the good food is going on!

This got me thinking about all the gluten-free foods I want to try, so I thought I’d put together a ‘Gluten Free Bucket List’ with all place I want to eat and foods I want to try and it might even give you some ideas of foodie experiences you want to have!

My Gluten Free Bucket List

1. Take a Trip to Broadway Market

I see Broadway Market plastered all over Instagram most weekends but as it is down in London, it’s a bit far for me to travel.

There’s a lot of places I want to visit down south, so if I ever took a trip down there, Broadway Market would be one of the first places I went.

Gluten Free Alice has posted a great blog about the best places to eat at Broadway Market, so I’d definitely be using that as a guide if I got a chance to visit.

2. Visit Beyond Bread

I hear so many fellow bloggers talking about Beyond Bread, particularly raving about the pastries but unfortunately, my nearest is in Birmingham which isn’t somewhere I ever visit.

I’m not a huge pastries fan but the Beyond Bread products look great, so I’d 100% love to give them a go if I’m ever nearby!

3. Try the Leon GFC

When Leon launched gluten-free chicken nuggets that you can get on the go, all of us free from foodies went crazy and I just can’t wait to try them!

They originally were only available in selected London branches but now they’re available throughout the UK, including in my local restaurant in the Trafford Centre, so next time I’m there, I will definitely be giving them a go.

4. Have a Meal at MCK Grill

If you’re not familiar with Megan McKenna, she was made famous through TOWIE and is now a well-known reality star but the main reason I follow her is that she has Coeliac Disease.

She’s opened her own restaurant in Essex called MCK Grill and the menu is 99% gluten-free and because she has Coeliac Disease, they’re bound to be super aware of cross-contamination.

The menu includes GF burgers and fries, afternoon teas and roast dinners and the food looks amazing!

5. Try a Gluten Free McDonalds Burger

They’re not available in the UK but a lot of McDonald’s in Europe serve gluten-free burgers on sealed Schar GF buns and if you’re gluten-free, it’s bound to be something you just have to try.

The buns come in sealed bags to avoid cross contamination which I think is a great idea, so next time I’m on holiday, I’ll be on the lookout!

6. Eat a Gluten Free Ice Cream Cone

It’s amazing how as soon as you can’t have something, you really want it and for me, that is the case with ice cream cones.

I never even really liked ice cream cones before being gluten-free, I always got my ice cream in a tub but now they’re nearly impossible to find, I’m desperate to have one.

There are a few places dotted around the UK that serve gluten-free ice cream cones, so if I’m near the seaside anytime soon, I’ll be on the hunt!

7. Visit America

Ok, so this is a big one but there’s a lot of reasons I want to visit America but their gluten-free options are one of the main ones.

I’ve got a few friends who have been to America and apparently they are doing free from seriously well over in the states, so of course, I want to experience it for myself!

So, there you have it. My Gluten Free Bucket List and from the look of it, I’ve got a lot of eating to do!

Is there anything or anywhere you want to try for gluten-free? Let me know in the comments!


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