My Skin Story 

I never usually write just a chatty post about things that aren’t really recommendations or reviews but I wanted to share my ‘skin story’ with you.

I’ve had bad skin on and off throughout my teenage years and I really struggled to sort it or improve it, but I feel that recently, I’ve started to see a massive amount of progress with it.

I’m not an expert and I have no ‘magic cure’ for teenage/hormonal acne, but I just wanted to share my story with you guys to hopefully help anyone going through a similar thing.

I’m sorry in advance if spots freak you out but that’s kind of the story so there’s going to be some!

I’ve suffered with what I’d class as hormonal acne mainly since I was about 13.

I’ve never had perfect skin, as I’ve always had broken capillaries or little spider veins in my face which are really unusual in young people but it’s basically always meant my skin never looked clear.

I say I suffered with hormonal acne, but I have imperfect skin and blemishes constantly but I definitely see flare ups in my skin at certain times of the month.

I tried so many different skincare brands, products and routines and nothing ever really worked long term for me.

I trained in beauty therapy so I had a lot of facials which really didn’t work for me and I also tried more intense skincare routines which again, really didn’t work for me.

The below picture shows my skin in recent months when I’m experiencing a ‘flare up’

To some people, this won’t seem particularly bad, and in no way am I the most unlucky with my skin, but for me, that was pretty bad.

After being offered a thousand different kinds of advice, I basically decided the best way to help my skin would be to simplify my skincare routine and improve my diet.

Because I struggle with hormonal acne, at certain times of the month, there’s nothing I can do to help my skin, but in general, I’ve managed to find a lifestyle my skin is happy with.

I cut my skincare routine right back recently and have started to use just 3 products:

1. Garner Micellar Cleansing Water (to remove makeup out of the shower)

2. Garnier Pure Active Anti-Blackhead Wash (to deep clean skin in the shower)

3. Superdrug Vitamin E Radiance Moisture Cream (morning and night)

I found just regularly using just these 3 products helped calm my skin and I found the flare ups were less dramatic.

I also sorted my diet, I started eating 3 balanced and relatively nutritious meals a day and this seemed to help.

The below pictures are my skin at my better times, as you can see, it isn’t perfect, but some simple steps have definitely seen an improvement.

I also have really bad undereye dark circles but that’s just a lack of sleep!

I hope this post has been helpful if you’re suffering with a similar skin issue to me, sometimes the most simple steps are the most effective.

I also wanted to share my bare face with you all to show that we should all be confident enough to be seen without makeup, clear skin or not.

I’d love to hear your top tips for clearer skin if you have any, but also your experience with acne and bad skin!


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  1. My blog post entitled ‘Dot to Dot’ is a fairly accurate and detailed description how my skin behaved from I was 13. My skin saviour, without doubt, was the Liz Earle skincare range. Cannot recommend these products highly enough! Sixteen years later I have my skin well under control!

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