My TEDx Talk Experience

I can’t believe I am writing this but on Sunday 16th June, I delivered the TEDx talk I had been planning for 6 months and now the big day is over – what!!

I wanted to jump on here (partly because I have become the world’s worst blogger recently) but also because I wanted to share my TEDx experience and also a few key points from my talk I want to keep chatting about!

The TEDx Talk Experience 

For me, this whole journey started back in December when my proposal for the talk was accepted and I was offered the opportunity to speak!

I have worked pretty hard for the last 6 months writing the talk, rehearsing both at home and at the venue and generally worrying about choking, tripping, falling and other potential embarrassing scenarios that could occur… alongside delivering a talk to 100 people live and eventually, the rest of the world!

Despite the stressing and the nerves, this is 100% one of the best things I have ever done in my nearly 20 years of life and I will forever be grateful to myself and the organisers of the event for letting me do it!

I feel so much more confident and empowered as a result of delivering this talk and I am so passionate about what I spoke about that I just want to keep the conversation going!

My TEDx Talk 

My TEDx Talk was entiteld ‘It’s Time to Remove the Filter From Social Media’ and was all about the benefits of being more open and honest about both the good and the bad times of your life online.

This is something I am so keen to push across the online world in a bid to make social media a more positive and helpful place for us all to be! I love social media and want to see it used in the most beneficial way possible and I hope my talk was a step in the right direction for that.

I shared the following 4 principles that if we keep in mind when sharing online, we can make social media a much better place:

Balance – if you’re going to share the best bits of your life, share the harder times too. It’s up to you how you do it but balance is the key to success in any element of your life and social media is no different!

Education – try and use every post you publish as a chance to teach someone something! Always aim to educate and inform, even if you need a moan at the same time, cap it off by sharing how you’re going to make yourself feel better because that could help someone else in the same position!

Aspiration – share your successes and allow us people to aspire to do the same! From weight loss to a job promotion, if you’re doing well, don’t just boast, share your story in a way where others will be inspired and informed on how they can do the same!

Transparency – if you fake a perfect life online, you become untouchable and unreachable and risk making others feel inferior! Being open, honest and transparent about all elements of your life makes you approachable and real, people can relate and benefit from your presence online!

Remembering these 4 things when posting online will make us all more responsible for our social media footprint and provide us with a platform filled with beneficial, realistic content that adds good to our life, not negativity!

I can’t wait to share my talk with you when it is live and I hope it inspires some of you to look at social media differently!

Thank you for always supporting the blog, my Instagram, my Huffington Post articles and all the work I do because it means the world and allows me to reach platforms like the TEDx stage to spread the words I am most passionate about!


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