My Top 5 Gluten Free Pancake Topping Combinations

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Pancake Day is upon us (aka best day of the year) which means it’s time to get creative with those pancake toppings!

Now, I personally prefer Scotch pancakes to all others as I am not a fan of crepes and also find it’s easier to load this kind of pancake up with the toppings of your choice but these topping combos would work with all kinds of pancakes.

If you’re stuck for ideas of what to top your pancakes with this year then here’s 5 gluten free pancake topping ideas that might inspire you!

Pancakes with Strawberries and Chocolate Sauce

The classic chocolate and strawberry combination goes perfectly with pancakes and is ideal for those with a sweet tooth.

Chop up some fresh strawberries and drizzle with either melted chocolate or a chocolate sauce of your choice. Marks & Spencer’s Belgian Chocolate Sauce is naturally gluten free and perfect for not just pancakes but ice cream and other sweet treats too!

Pancakes with Sugar and Lemon, Gin and Tonic Sauce

My mum loves pancakes with just lemon and sugar but honestly I think there’s far more exciting things to be topping pancakes with but if you are going to go classic, mixing it up a little with the new M&S Lemon, Gin and Tonic sauce is the perfect option!

The classic taste of lemon and sugar with a twist of the nation’s favourite tipple, this makes your pancakes a little more grown up and exciting without going too crazy!

Pancakes with Vanilla Ice Cream and Sticky Toffee Sauce

A personal favourite combination because I am such a fan of flavours like toffee, caramel etc, topping your Scotch pancakes with vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of the M&S Sticky Toffee Sauce is just a dream!

Super sweet and definitely a dessert pancake topping opposed to breakfast, this is a treat worthy of being enjoyed on pancake day!

Pancakes with Blueberries and Greek Yogurt

A little more suited for breakfast and perhaps a little healthier, a dollop of Greek style yogurt (normal or low fat) on top of warm pancakes with a helping of blueberries or any other fruit of your choice is light and refreshing, perfect for Shrove Tuesday breakfast!

Pancakes with Crispy Bacon and Golden Syrup

For those with more of a savoury tooth, topping some Scotch or American style pancakes with some crispy strips of bacon and a drizzle of golden syrup is the ultimate sweet and salty flavour combo!

If you don’t usually have golden syrup in the cupboards and don’t want to buy it in for this occasion, adding bacon to the Marks & Spencer Made Without Wheat Golden Syrup scotch pancakes is a perfect alternative as the sweet syrup is already coating the pancakes!

So, what will you be pairing with your pancakes this Tuesday? Let me know your favourite gluten free toppings in the comments or on Instagram!



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