My Top ‘Gluten Free Friendly’ Restaurants

I’ve recently been tested for coeliacs, and my results are looking like that could be the case, and I’m looking at further testing, and although it had been a long time coming, it still took me back a few steps.

I’ve decided I want to make it one of the focuses of my blog and talk about it, because I’m always searching for blogs and channels that have a gluten free focus, and for me, I especially want to see ones that are UK based.

I was initially nervous about eating out, even though I’d already been exploring some of the gluten free menus that my local restaurants had to offer, I did have a tendency to deviate back to the normal menu if I fancied something I thought would be ok. However, I’ve braved it and tried a few more, and I wanted to share them.

Pizza Express

This is probably one of my top choices, and the restaurant I visit the most! Pizza express can make any of their classic or ‘romana’ pizzas on gluten free bases, and they’re actually really tasty!

They also do their famous dough balls in a gluten free version which means I can have a starter too, they’re also really tasty!

None of their gluten free food is anymore expensive than the classic versions, the portion sizes are just slightly smaller.


I loved Chiquito before I had to eat GF, so I was so glad when I found out they did a really great gluten free menu.

There is so much choice so I really never feel like I’m missing out on anything.

My usual order there was always a cheese burger, but I didn’t like bread anyway so I used to have it ‘naked’, so when I saw they actually have ‘naked burgers’ on the GF menu, I was really happy. I had the cheese burger and it was as good as I remember.

You can’t eat the chips if you have a gluten allergy here, but you can have sweet potato wedges.

Chef and Brewer

This is more of a ‘pub lunch’ recommendation, but I really like the chef and brewer chain. I am biased, as I used to work for one of their pubs, but the food is genuinely good, and they have a decent gluten free menu.

Again, no chips for the gluten intolerant, but I had a rump steak and mash as it was really nice, their mashed potato is so good!

I also really like that their brownies are gluten free!

TGI Fridays

This is another restaurant I’ve always liked, and their gluten free menu is really good!

The staff’s care and attention to me when I went in was amazing, the manager took care of my table due to me being gluten free and they were really attentive to anything I needed.

There’s plenty of choice on their GF menu, but once again I went for a cheese burger, and it was really tasty!

Big thumbs up to TGIs as well, as anyone with a gluten intolerance can have chips!

So, they’re my top 4 restaurants for gluten free eating at the moment, I’m still getting into trying all the specialised menus but I love eating out so I’ll be sure to report back if I have any new finds!

As I said, I want to share plenty of coeliac/gluten free living content, so if you have any ideas or requests of what you’d like to see, be sure to let me know and I’ll be happy to give them a go!



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