New Gluten Free Foods You Need to Know About

The gluten free game is just getting better and better nowadays with more foods being released every single week.

Although it doesn’t always compensate for not having free reign of the supermarket aisles, it does make life as a Coeliac or food allergy sufferer a little easier, so I always like to celebrate new gluten free finds and launches!

There’s a few products that are either new to the shops or new to me that I think you need to know about, so here they are:

Promise Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Brioche

You’ve probably seen these all over Instagram and that’s for a very good reason because the new gluten free chocolate chip brioche from Promise Gluten Free are truly amazing.

One of my favourite finds ever, these little brioche rolls are soft, full of chocolate and just delicious.

They’re gluten and wheat free, contain no milk ingredients, contain egg and soya but impressively, are only 96 calories per roll!

You can eat them straight out the pack but I like the microwave for 20 seconds to melt the chocolate and that is just perfect!

Marks & Spencer Made Without Wheat Chocolate Twists

Marks & Spencer took over the gluten free internet space recently with the launch of their 3 new gluten free pastries but the ones that seem to have got everyone excited, including myself, is the chocolate twists!

My boyfriend loves normal chocolate twists and I’m always jealous when he has them, so I was so excited when I saw these as I can join him now!

They contain milk and have to be heated to be eaten, so not quite as convenient and normal pastries but a step in the right direction!

I haven’t tried these yet but will be doing a full review when I do!

Meridian Peanut Bars

I’m not sure how new to the shops these are but they’re new to me and they’re something any peanut lover needs to know about!

The Meridian peanut bars are just amazing. I like the plain peanut variety and the peanut and cocoa version. I’ve always wanted to have some nut bars to enjoy for snacks and breakfasts but hate dried fruit but these are just nuts.

They taste like bars of peanut butter which is just delicious and they’re also dairy free and vegan!

You can buy them individually or in packs of three and they also do a coconut variety!

Tesco Free From Gluten, Wheat and Milk Giant Chocolate Buttons

I’ve always loved giant chocolate buttons, not just Cadbury’s but all kinds, so when I found that Tesco are doing their own brand of gluten and dairy free ones, I was so excited.

These are so delicious. They taste like a lot of the supermarket own brand regular chocolate buttons as they’re super tasty but not as creamy as Cadbury’s but I like that.

As these come in sharing sized bags, I like to weigh 30g our into a smaller bowl for a snack at home or a small bag to take with me to work.

Marks & Spencer Dairy Free Vanilla and Caramel Iced Dessert

I’m always on the hunt for new dairy free ice creams to try and as much as I love the Alpro ones, I’ve been really enjoying the new vanilla and caramel dairy free ice cream from M&S.

It’s both gluten and dairy free and tastes just like normal vanilla and caramel ice cream which is always my favourite flavour.

One thing I love about this one is it comes in a decent sized plastic tub, opposed to a small carton which I find start to wear and become misshaped over time which generally makes a mess!

A bit of a sweet selection of recommendations but I can’t help but be drawn to treats when I see them!

Have you seen any new gluten free launches that you think everyone needs to know about? Share in the comments!


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