New Year’s Resolutions: 1 Month In

The day I’m uploading this is the last day of January 2018, exactly one month in to the New Year, so I thought it’d be the perfect time to reflect on how I’ve got on with my New Year’s resolutions and goals this month and share some tips with you for getting back on track with sticking to your goals and resolutions if you’ve started to lose motivation.

I didn’t hugely delve into my goals and resolutions for the year on the blog as I’m usually not great at sticking to them but I’m quite impressed with how well I’ve done so far, so I thought I’d update you.

My goals for this year were quite general but they were:

  • Make work a key focus and completely dedicate myself while I’m there
  • Take less time off work through illness
  • Eat more naturally gluten free food and less processed food
  • Eat a better variety of food both in and out the house
  • Worry less and enjoy life more

So far, I’d say I’m doing pretty well; in terms of work, I’ve been working so hard and I feel I’ve really been achieving at work which is great. I took a fair few days off last year through physical and mental illness and although I’m working tirelessly to sort those problems, they’re still a daily struggle but I’m refusing to let them get in the way of work!

As for my eating, I’ve been eating lots of naturally gluten free foods like meats, vegetables, potatoes and rice opposed to lots of gluten free processed foods like pasta and bread etc. I’ve also been eating different lunches instead of just sandwiches and trying different things where possible.

When it comes to worrying less, I’m the worlds biggest worrier and it isn’t a healthy habit so I’m trying to worry less and just enjoy life more and I’m not doing too badly, but I could definitely still be a more relaxed person!

It’s all well and good me praising myself for doing well at sticking to my goals though, but more often that not, I don’t and what can you do if you’ve gone off track with your New Year resolutions?

The first thing to do if you’ve lost your way with a goal you’d set yourself is to not feel guilty about it. I end up beating myself up for not sticking to it and then feeling totally unmotivated to start again. Just remember you can get back on track with a goal whenever you want, it doesn’t have to be January 1st, the first day of the month or the beginning of the week; start when suits you!

Look at why you didn’t stick to it! If you’ve ended up losing your way with a goal, it’s probably because it wasn’t working for you in some way or wasn’t achievable, so instead of trying to get started again doing the exact same thing, look at what it was you couldn’t stick to and try and adjust that to help the goal work for you more.

Focus on the bigger picture! Long term goals can be especially difficult to stick to because you often see no results or feel no benefits straight away which is quite unrewarding for all the hard work you’re putting in, but if you feel like quitting, look at the bigger picture and the end goal and it might help you feel motivated again.

Another way to help with long term goals is short term rewards; if the final achievement of your New Year’s goal is going to be quite far down the line, reward yourself when you hit smaller milestones along the way to keep yourself motivated! For example, if you’ve set yourself a weight loss or fitness goal you want to reach, it may take a while so give yourself small rewards when you reach smaller milestones along the way!

I hope this has helped if you’re finding yourself a little disconnected from the New Year’s goals and resolutions you’d set yourself! As long as you’re working on positive goals for the right reasons, I think New Year’s resolutions can work, but don’t feel pressured to have goals and resolutions just because everyone else does!

I’d love to know what goals you set for the New Year and how you’re getting on, so let me know in the comments!


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