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First of all, I’m sorry for the lack of posts over here but I had a bit of a “writer’s block” and I didn’t want to post content that I didn’t love or feel was interesting.

Anyway, today I thought it would be fun to do a post about how I’ve started to organise and put together my first ‘pro kit’, I want to start doing some mobile work now I’ve finished my first year of training and for that I need an easy to transport pro kit with everything I need in it. I thought I’d share my top tips for organising a pro kit and also my essentials to keep with you if you’re doing hair, makeup or beauty. My kit is still a work in progress but I just wanted to share my tips from what I’ve experienced so far. I also know I’m not a professional yet but I’m doing my best to build up a clientele. I’m currently just doing family and the occasional friend while I’m arranging my insurance as I want to do everything properly 🙂


  • I personally use a cabin size, hard suitcase for my kit, it’s early days and this was the most affordable option for me but I have seen a lot of well established makeup artists doing the same as it’s easy to transport and has loads of room. You can buy specialist beauty/makeup trollies or i’ve heard of people using wheel toolboxes but this was my preferred way. My suitcase is the hard, silver, four wheeled cabin size suitcase from IT Luggage, I got it for £30 at matalan!!
  • LOTS OF MAKEUP BAGS!! Although using a suitcase it a great way to transport everything, it can be hard to organise. My suitcase has two equal sides, I have my hair stuff on one side and makeup in the other. I bought loads and loads of black, shiny makeup bags from poundland to organise my makeup, I have brushes in one, base products in another, lip products in another etc etc and everything is so organised. Having all the black makeup bags, that can be wiped clean easily looks so professional in my opinion.
  • KEEPING IT SECURE! If you like the suitcase idea, get a suitcase with straps or mesh that can be zipped up to secure your things to stop anything breaking. One side of my suitcase has a net over the top that can be zipped up and the other side has the classic suitcase elasticated straps!


  • box of tissues
  • cotton wool pads
  • cotton wool buds
  • cleansing water/makeup remover
  • client cards
  • brush cleanser
  • towel/cutting collar/gown


this is my current set up(not the best picture, taken off my instagram @makeupbyellieex)

So just a short post on organising my pro kit, hope its been helpful to some of you!! Let me know what you want to see next!!

that’s all for now,

ellie x


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