Recipe: Gluten Free Chilli Beef Enchiladas

I love chilli and honestly, I’m a bit obsessed with rice but when I had chilli planned for dinner the other day, we’d had rice the night before, so I decided to try something new and make enchiladas instead.

My chilli isn’t to everyone’s taste and it’s got no onions in it as I hate them but it’s so delicious, ideal for all ages and super easy to make.

Here’s how I make gluten free chilli beef enchiladas:


500g of 5% Fat Beef Mince



Tomato Purée

Tomato Ketchup

Chilli Powder

Mixed Herbs

Tin of Baked Beans

Tin of Sweetcorn

Beef Gravy Granules

Cheese (regular or dairy free)

Gluten free Wraps (I used BFree Multigrain Wraps)


To make the chilli:

1. Heat up a large pan to a high heat and add your mince. Keep moving until all browned and no pink meat is left

2. Once all mince is brown, add salt and pepper

3. Add around two tablespoons of tomato purée and two tablespoons of tomato ketchup. Stir both through to cover all mince

4. Add around a tablespoon of chilli powder or enough to suit your tastes and around a teaspoon of mixed herbs. Stir through all the meat

4. Add the beans and stir through

5. Add sweetcorn and any water in the tin, stir through, still on a high heat

6. Add a small sprinkle of gravy granules and mix through. You may need to add a touch of boiling water if too thick

7. Lower to a medium heat and simmer for a further 15 minutes, stirring continually and carry on adding splashes of water if required

8. Once the chilli is cooked through, spoon a small amount of the mixture into 4 gluten free wraps

9. Add a small amount of grated cheese to each wrap, fold and put in a baking tin/Pyrex dish

10. Spoon the excess chilli on top and sprinkle the leftover cheese across the top

11. Place in the over at 200 degrees (fan) for 15 minutes.

12. Serve and enjoy immediately!

These are seriously tasty and not actually too tricky to make, just a little time consuming but I’d totally recommend!

If you give these a go, let me know on Instagram by tagging @glutenfreewithellie!


Author: Life With Ellie

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