Review: Schär Mini Margherita Pizzas

I LOVE pizza and although there’s plenty of options for full sized gluten free pizzas, I’ve never really seen mini gluten free pizzas.

I found the Schär mini margherita pizzas in the freezers in Morrison’s. They come in a small box which is easy to store in the freezer and you get four cheese and tomato pizzas for around £3.

Although Schär do a full size lactose free pizza, these mini ones are gluten and wheat free but are topped with normal mozzarella, so contain milk.

The cooking instructions say to defrost for 10-minutes then cook in the over for 5-6 but I personally defrosted for 2-3 hours in the fridge and cooked at around 200 degrees and that worked perfectly.

In my opinion, these are pretty underwhelming if you don’t dress them up a little. They have a very small amount of cheese on top, so I thought I’d share with you how I ‘pimped my pizza’ and created a delicious lunch!

As there was nowhere near enough cheese for me, I grated some of the VioLife original flavour cheese block on top and then popped in the oven.

While my pizza was cooking, I pan fried some bacon lardons without any extra oil and when they were totally cooked, I added half a tin of sweetcorn to the frying pan with the bacon and warmed through on a very low heat.

When my pizza came out the oven, I popped it on the plate, poured over the lardons and sweetcorn and then dotted plenty of Tesco Free from pesto on top as I LOVE pesto on pizzas!

I had this for lunch and it was the perfect size, super quick and easy to make and so delicious!

The pizza was crispy at the crusts but soft in the middle and had such a good flavour, it tasted just like normal!

If you like to have convenience in the freezer for quick and easy meals that can be paired with whatever needs eating up, I’d totally recommend the Schär mini gluten free pizzas!

Have you tried these? Let me know!


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