Anna Saccone X Benefit UK – Super Natural Brows Palette

Isn’t Anna Saccone just a bit of a girl boss?

I’ve been watching her and the rest of her family on YouTube for years now and I think she is just amazing. She always looks great, she’s always working on amazing projects and of course, above all, she’s a fabulous mum!

I was lucky enough to meet Anna at her meet and greet with Benefit at the Trafford Centre and I can confirm, she is just as lovely, if not even nicer in person as she is online.

She was just so glamorous and so genuinely kind and friendly. The event was beautiful with pink lemonade, cupcakes and goody bags and it was intimate, just 25 of us were with her and Lisa Potter-Dixon and it was so amazing to get to chat with her and have a picture!

I picked up one of her ‘Super Natural Brow Palettes’ once the giveaway was finished, so I thought I’d give you a look inside and let you know about the products inside and why Anna chose those particular items!

Precisely, My Brow Pencil – Shade 3.5 & 4

Two of the products inside the box are two different shades of the Precisely, My Brow Pencil – shade 3.4 & shade 4.

Anna says these brow pencils are her go-to products for a more defined brow when she has a little more time put in some extra effort.

The precise nib of these brow pencils mean you can get a really defined, sharp brow that still looks natural and because you get two shades, you can a perfectly blended and ombre style brow.

Foolproof Brow Powder – Shade 4

Anna’s quick and easy daily brow product, the foolproof brow powder is designed to be just that – foolproof!

You get the powder in shade 4 but within the compact you get two different powder shades and as the powders are shaped like an eyebrow, you can see exactly where each powder should go on the brow.

The compact does come with a mini tool to apply the product with that is designed to help you get the product on quickly and naturally but I personally always use an angled brush for my brows!

3D Browtones – Shade 2

A product that is pretty unique to Benefit and a bit of a secret weapon in Anna’s brow routine, she explained how it’s like highlights for your eyebrows, the same way you’d highlight your hair!

It gives the brows a natural look thanks to adding texture and lift whilst still keeping them looking sharp and tidy.

The product applies like a regular brow gel with the applicator but has various edges to the applicator to allow you to get different effects and be really precise with it.

High Brow Glow Highlighter Pencil 

Another product that both Anna and Lisa said makes all the difference to the brows, the High Brow Glow pencil is a creamy, crayon style highlighter pencil that is easy to apply on the brow bones and inner corner of the eye and blend in.

It’s a natural yet noticeable champagne glow that gives a kind of ‘lit from within’ glow that is subtle but still adds definition and lift to the brows and eyes.

Within the box you also get a double ended applicator and a massive mirror, so you’ve pretty much got everything you could want or need inside the box to do your brows at home, on holiday or on the go!

Although the aim of the box is to create natural brows, I also really like that with the mixture of products inside, you can create a range of different brow looks, depending on your style.

For a night out, I like a bolder, sharp brow and these products can help me create that look, as well as a natural day time look!

The palette is exclusive to Selfridges and retails for £49.50 but you get all full size products inside, so it’s such good value for money!

I’d really recommend getting your hands on the Anna Saccone Benefit Brow Palette before it sells out and if you ever get the chance to meet Anna, definitely take it because she is so lovely!