Top Gluten Free Finds in Aldi

I’m going to be brutal and say that Aldi is at the bottom of the list of supermarkets when it comes to gluten free. They’re really not the best which is frustrating because they’re food is so affordable but they don’t have a dedicated free from section, so you really have to search!

If you’re new to being gluten free or new to shopping in Aldi as someone avoiding gluten and don’t know where to start, here are my top gluten free finds from this supermarket!

Peanut and Choc Chip Cacao Brownie Bars

Also available in an orange flavour, these brownie style bars are made with dates and nuts and are naturally gluten free – even the box is labelled up GF!

You get 3 in a pack and both the orange and the peanut kind are 159 calories per bar, so they’re a much healthier snack than having a regular brownie or a chocolate bar!

They’re also super filling and the perfect naturally gluten free snack to cut your sweet cravings!

Sea Salted Lentil Curls 

Also labelled as gluten free which makes shopping super easy, the sea salted lentil curl crisps come in a multi-pack with tomato and basil flavoured houmous crisps and sour cream and chive quinoa chips, which makes for a really nice selection of healthier alternative to crisps!

Also super low calorie, my personal favourite is the sea salted lentil curls as they’re super salty tasting but not overpowering, perfect for a quick snack or as part of a healthy lunch!

Specially Selected Lime and Salt Tortilla Chips 

Another regular range product labelled gluten free, these lime and sea salt flavoured tortilla chips from Aldi’s premium range are so full of flavour and perfect for snacking on or serving with dishes like chilli or enchiladas.

Crunchie Chocolate Split Pot Dessert 

We’ve all tried the Cadbury split pot desserts that are like a chocolate yogurt with chocolate bits on the other side, well Aldi have brought out their own version!

They do one with chocolate buttons or one with crunchie pieces and they’re both gluten free, just like the Cadbury’s ones and they taste just as good!

Aldi’s Specially Selected Cumberland Sausages

Sausages are such a weird one when it comes to gluten free because I think you find when first diagnosed, you end up buying specialist free from sausages but as time goes on, you realise a lot of supermarket own brand sausages are gluten free anyway, especially the more premium ranges.

The majority of the Aldi’s Specially Selected sausages are gluten free but their Cumberland sausages in particular are lovely and as always with Aldi food, they’re so affordable!

Obviously all the usually naturally gluten free products you’d find at all supermarkets are great from Aldi too but these are a few processed bits that are gluten free and super tasty too!

What are your favourites from Aldi? Let me know in the comments!