I Got a Tattoo – Meaning & My Experience

I got my first tattoo! Check out my experience of getting this tattoo and the meaning behind it!


I’ve debated getting a tattoo since I turned 18 and could legally go and get one with no trouble but it wasn’t until after my 19th birthday I actually went and had one done.

Why did I wait so long you ask? Well, the obvious reasons really. Partly because I was scared of the pain and also because I just wasn’t sure what I wanted and I knew I wanted to be in love with the design I’d chosen before I went for it.

I’m not saying every tattoo has to have a meaning because they’re pieces of art above all, so they don’t always have to be deep and sentimental but for me, I don’t come from a family where tattoos are hugely accepted, so I knew I wanted one that really mean’t something before I took the plunge and told my tattoo-free parents that I was having it done.

I quite stereo-typically got mine done about 2 weeks after my break up which resulted in a lot of eyebrow raises and comments along the lines of ‘are you sure you’re not going off the rails because you’re upset?’ and the answer to that question is no, I just want a tattoo.

I’d had a couple of designs in mind but in the end I found a picture online of the constellation of my star sign that I just fell in love with and decided that was what I wanted to go with.

I adored how delicate the dots and stars were and knew that I wanted something associated with my star sign, so this was perfect.

I also knew I wanted my first tattoo on my ankle where it was easy to show off but equally as easy to hide and I couldn’t be happier with the size and placement now I’ve got it.


You might be thinking a star sign tattoo is a bit cliche and honestly, I’m not even a huge follower of the zodiac signs. I don’t live my life by my horoscope or only associate with people I’m deemed to be compatible with in terms of star sign but when it comes to my personal star sign, a leo, it is very relevant to me.

I am the dictionary definition of a leo and I really like to own that. The positives and the negatives, I’m proud to own up to all of them. From being passionate, generous and creative to fiery, stubborn and argumentative, it’s all me and I like to remind myself of my lioness roots when I’m feeling anxious or low and it really helps me put my best foot forward.


Like I said, I knew I wanted my tattoo on my ankle/lower leg and in the end I chose the back of my calf, just above my ankle bone because the design fitted perfectly at the angle we chose and it was just an ideal place for the design.

I chose my right leg as I’m right handed and generally find my right side stronger. I wanted to have the tattoo on my leading leg to remind me to put my best foot forward at all times which might sound cringe but it really does work for me.

My Experience 

I was really scared of the pain as it was totally unknown and everyone will tell you something different about what it feels like, how much it hurts, etc, so I really was anxious getting it done.

I went to Ellie Taylor at The Cheshire Tattoo Studio in Wilmslow because I know the team at the studio anyway but Ellie is fab at dot work, so I knew she’d be perfect at making sure the design was sharp, clear yet still delicate and feminine.

She was amazing! She listened to what I wanted, we customised the design together and the finished product looks amazing! I paid the £50 minimum charge as it’s only a small piece and I was in for about an hour but none of the process was rushed and I felt really listened to the whole time.

As for the pain, it was honestly fine. I know I didn’t have it done in the worst place and it was only small but I was still nervous but it was fine. I describe the pain as ‘noticeable but manageable’ as I was aware it was happening but it was easy enough to sit through it.

They wrapped it for me and I put Bepanthem cream on it 3-4 times a day for about 2 weeks afterwards until it scabbed over and healed which it has now and I’m really happy with how it’s turned out.

Overall, I am so glad I got one and I’m now so excited to get another one because I totally understand what people mean when they say they’re addictive!

Do you have any tattoos? I’d love to hear your tattoo stories, so share them in the comments!