My Experience of Lip Fillers

I’ve actually put off writing about this topic because I am more than aware that it is controversial and that some people have very strong opinions on this particular thing but for me, I am happy to have had this treatment done and wanted to share my experience for anyone wondering whether they would like to get it done too!

As the title of this blog suggests, I’m going to be talking about lip fillers and my experience of having them done because for me, it has been positive, as it is for many but I know before I had mine done I had so many questions, so hopefully this blog post can answer some of those for anybody considering getting lip fillers.

Why Did I Have Them Done?

I was 19 when I had my first lip fillers which some people may consider too young but for me, I knew my face was done developing and my lips weren’t going to change in terms of shape or size naturally and therefore decided if I wanted to change how they looked then I’d have to do something about it myself.

I had wanted fillers for years because I have such a tiny mouth and therefore quite small, flat lips and I just didn’t like the look. A couple of my close friends went and had theirs done before me and I loved the look of theirs and saw how it totally changed their whole facial structure, so that confirmed for me that it was something I wanted to do.

My lips also turned out to be wonky, particularly the top lip in which the cupid’s bow wasn’t symmetrical.

Where Did I Have Them Done?

I have had my lips done twice now. The first time I went to a clinic in the building where I work and I’ll be honest, I wish I didn’t. They hurt so much to have done and the final result was not perfect but she did correct the shape of my lips, so the second place I had them done was able to volumise them much better and keep the new shape.

I ended up going to Cupid’s Bow Aesthetics in Coventry which for the purpose of transparency, is my aunt’s business but it isn’t her that actually does the lip fillers, it’s her business partner who is a qualified nurse, hence I chose to trust them with my lips after not being entirely happy with my initial results.

Both of the clinicians at Cupid’s Bow are nurses and therefore can provide a more reliable service thanks to their medical background. I went to their at-home clinic but they now also have a branch in Ego Hair and Beauty in Coventry, both of which are lovely locations that feel very professional, hygienic and relaxing.

What Did I Have Done?

The first time I had my lips done, I had 0.5ml of Revolax whereas the second time I had 0.5ml of Restylane Kisse which I much preferred. In total, I have only had 1ml of filler, however, I am due another 0.5ml soon.

I found Restylane Kisse made my lips swell way more to start with but the results were far better. They stayed fuller and sharper looking for way longer and still remain to look quite plump now over a month later.

I have 0.5ml injected between both lips to keep the size and shape natural. The first 0.5ml was used to correct the shape and the second dose a month or so later was for volume and any further filler I have will be for volume.

Would I Recommend Lip Fillers?

I’m never going to ‘recommend’ lip fillers to anyone because that could definitely be deemed irresponsible. It is a cosmetic procedure and it isn’t a decision to take lightly or without proper consideration. Filler can be dissolved quickly, I know but that doesn’t mean having it injected should be done without properly thinking about it and choosing the right person and product.

I can’t stress enough how important research is before getting lip fillers done. I would always recommend going to an aesthetics practitioner who is a medical professional, such as the girls at Cupid’s Bow. I felt in much safer hands knowing a nurse was injecting my lips, as opposed to someone who had just done a filler course.

Do not rush into getting fillers done, no matter where in your face you’re having them, do your research and really think about whether this is something you definitely want to have done and if you do have them done, do not feel ashamed.

I have taken a fair bit of stick from people my own age and older for having ‘work done’, often trying to make me feel as though I shouldn’t have done but I feel much more comfortable with my lips now I have had them done and will continue to maintain the naturally fuller and more shapely look filler gives me!

If you have any more questions on lip fillers, don’t hesitate to ask!