Current Makeup Favourites

I’m always trying new makeup products but when I like something, I tend to stick with it for quite a while and really get the use out of it and that’s what I’ve been doing with the products I’m going to share with you today!

These are all my current makeup favourites!

Tanya Burr Selfie Lash

I’ve been using the Tanya Burr Selfie Lash mascara for a few months now and I’ve just really grown to love it.

I did a review on the Tanya Burr mascara when I first got it and I really liked it then and I’ve just continued to enjoy using it.

It’s a perfect mascara for me as it lengthens and volumises while being super dark black and never transfers or crumbles!

It’s also so affordable!

Obsession Makeup London Concealer

I noticed a new counter in my local Boots for ‘Obsession Makeup London’, so I went to have a look and there was so many good products!

I picked up a few bits but my favourite has definitely been the concealer! It’s so so good!

I have the shade light and it’s still super brightening even though I’m quite pale! It’s really full coverage without being heavy and is so easy to blend out!

It lasts really well and is also so affordable!

Anastasia Clear Brow Gel

It’s official, I am the WORST at remembering to get my eyebrows done.

I always forget to book an appointment and they end up getting out of control but I’ve found by setting them in place with the Anastasia clear brow gel once I’ve filled them in, they stay looking neat and sharp all day.

This brow gel is comfortable to wear and doesn’t look strange on your brows but lasts all day without fault!

I got mine in a beauty advent calendar, so I’m sure it isn’t a full size but when it runs out, I’ll definitely be repurchasing!

MAC Mineralise Skin Finish – Lightscapade

I actually ended up owning this shade of the MAC mineralise skin finishes by accident because I never meant to order it but I’m so glad I did!

I always go back to the highlighter when I need one that I can rely on because I just love it.

As with all the MAC highlighters, it is so pigmented and gives off such an amazing shine but the blue/silver colour of this one is so unique and I just love it.

Clarins Comfort Lip Oil

Another old favourite that I just never stop using is the Clarins comfort lip oil.

I have the raspberry flavour of this product which has a slight pink colour to it, so perfect for finishing off makeup looks when you don’t want to wear much on your lips.

This lip oil smells amazing, is so shiney and glossy on the lips but is, as the name would suggest, super comfortable and non sticky to wear which I love!

This may be a bit more of an investment product but totally worth it!

I’d love to know what your favourite makeup products are at the moment, so share in the comments!


My Everyday Makeup Brushes

I LOVE makeup brushes, not only are they fantastic at their job of applying products, they’re also so pretty, hence why I enjoy having a good collection.

Your finished makeup really is determined by your tools so investing in good brushes is worth while.

I have a few staple brushes that I reach for everyday and I know I can rely on to apply my products exactly how I want it.

I thought I’d share with you my top makeup brushes that I think are worth the money.


(They need a wash but I think this just shows they’re well loved)

Face Brushes

I apply my foundation with a Real techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, hence there is no foundation brush, but if you’re after a good one, I can recommend the Zoeva 102 Silk Finish Brush. 

Corrector – Isabella Scott, this brush doesn’t have a name on it but it came in an eye brush trio. I like to use this to apply cream correctors like the Bobbi Brown one under my eyes as it is small and I can get right in the corner of my eyes.

ConcealerReal techniques Setting Brush, the best for under eye concealer, I use my sponge to blend concealer on blemishes.

PowderThe Vintage Cosmetic Company Dusting and Powder Brush, this brush is massive but it applies a light layer of powder and is great for blending and smoothing base makeup

Applying Cream ContourZoeva 142 Concealer Buffer, I feel this brush gives me good precision and control when applying the cream contour without being too thin

Blending Cream ContourZoeva 110 Face Shape Brush, as well as using my sponge to blend, I like to buff the cream contour out to blend it with this brush to keep it natural

BronzerZoeva 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush, I love this angled brush for bronzer, it is just the right size for my face and applies it evenly.

Highlighter – Primark Angled Face Brush, again this brush doesn’t have a name on it but it is an angled face brush, I find it perfect for applying highlighter to my face, however I do also like fan brushes for this.

BlusherReal techniques Stippling Brush, this brush isn’t in the pictures as I don’t often wear blush, but when I do, I find this brush applies it the best for me.

Brow and Eye Brushes 

BrowsMAC 208 Brush, this small angled brush is really well known for being great for brows and I can see why, it is really precise and easy to use.

Applying Brow ConcealerThe Vintage Cosmetic Company Concealer Brush, I often have to neaten my brows with a MAC concealer, and I find this small pointed brush the best way to do that neatly.

Blending Brow Concealer – Real Techniques Deluxe Concealer Brush, this small dense brush is ideal for blending small areas of concealer like around the brows, it gives a really airbrushed finish.

Brow Bone and Inner Eye Highlight– Barbara Daly Shadow Brush, I have no idea the name of this brush as it is so old and nasty, but it is my favourite brush for this job, I am sure there are others on the market similar to this in shape and size.

Base ShadowReal techniques Base Shadow Brush, I have so many of these brushes, they’re ideal for the job of applying shadow evenly across the lid and you can even do a bit of blending with it.

Shadow BlendingZoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer, this brush is really similar to the MAC 217 which I also love, both are just really good for getting a seamless blend without rubbing away all the pigmentation of the shadow.

If I need a harsher blend and those brushes aren’t cutting it, maybe if my shadow has gone too high on my brow bone, I find a clean(ish) Real techniques Deluxe Crease Brush does the job perfectly.

So, those are my everyday/ favourite makeup brushes, they’re all linked throughout the post so if you like the sound of them, you know where to find them.



Collection Lasting Perfect Colour Correctors

Collection Lasting Perfect Colour Correctors – Available at Boots and Superdrug


I think it’s fair to say that the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer is one of the most talked about concealers on the internet and for a very good reason.

I have loved that concealer for years, it is so high coverage, easy to blend and long-lasting. I use shade 1, fair, on both spots and my under eyes and I can never fault it.

They have also recently changed the packaging to last better and feel better quality.

Collection has recently launched 3 colour correctors in the same formula and packaging as the concealer and I had to have them.

They have brought out 3 shades which are available in Boots and Superdrug

Green – to cover redness (ideal for blemishes)

Lemon – to cover purple tones and brighten (perfect for under eyes)

Lilac – to cover yellow tones



They all have the same consistency and feel as the concealer so I’m anticipating they’ll blend as well as the concealer does.

I purchased these for £3.99 each in boots which I think was a special offer, I assume they’ll be £4.19 full price like the concealer.

I found too much of the green corrector made in unblendable so best to go sparingly with this. It isn’t to be used all over but on specific blemishes. I have a green primer I found worked better for covering the whole skin. 

I tested the lemon corrector and found it did help reduce the appearance of under eye circles, especially once paired with the concealer.

I’d love to use these in a future post alongside some other colour correcting products to do a ‘guide to colour correction’, let me know if you’d be interested.

If you try these, I’d love to know how you find them.


Tarte ‘Maneater Must Haves’ Collection

Tarte Maneater Must Haves Collection – available on QVC – £43.96


I recently made the fatal mistake of joining a facebook group called “Mrs Gloss & The Goss”, a closed facebook group with over 60,000 members, all with a keen interest in beauty. The group is designed for people to share beauty discoveries, reviews on products, or ask for advice and opinions on all things beauty. It’s a great idea and a lovely community but oh wow… it’s costing me money.

I don’t mean being a member is costing me money, that is free. Seeing all the wonderful beauty products and reading all their glowing reviews and then feeling unable to not purchase is what is costing me a lot of money. So really, you could translate that whole last sentence as ‘my lack of willpower when it comes to makeup, is leaving me broke’.

Someone recently posted a picture and some details of the Tarte ‘Maneater Must Haves’ collection, available on QVC UK for a steal at £43.96 (weird price, I know). I ordered it straight away as I had never tried anything from Tarte but has always wanted to, but never known what to choose or where to start so I gathered this would be a perfect place to start.

I thought I’d give you a look inside the collection and potentially tempt some of you in (you won’t regret it).


What’s Included?

  • Full-size Amazonian Clay Foundation
  • Full-size Maneater Voluptuous Mascara (black)
  • Full-size Self-Sharpening Eyeliner (Black)
  • Maneater Eyeshadow Palette (8 colours)
  • Double-ended lip sculptor (lipstick and lipgloss) (shade – kind)
  • Kabuki style buffing/ powder brush
  • Double-ended eyeshadow brush

Amazonian Clay Foundation


This was the main reason I purchased this, I’d heard so many things about this foundation, and how it was a smooth, wearable full coverage foundation so I really wanted to try. I couldn’t believe that for the price of the whole set, you got a full size of this product.  I’ve given it one try so far and it was really nice. I usually use MAC studio fix fluid to give you an idea of the finish I like. The coverage was medium with one layer but it was buildable and after adding a little more, I’d call it full coverage. If it wasn’t marketed as ‘full coverage’, I probably would have been more impressed but I feel like I had high expectations for the coverage. The consistency is thick and I expected it to be quite a matte finish but it isn’t flattening or anything. It’s comfortable on the skin and lasts well. – £30

Maneater Voluptuous Mascara



I was really looking forward to trying this mascara, I recently purchased a YSL mascara and we really didn’t get on so I’ve needed a new one. I used this last night and I AM IN LOVE. It is so black and so lengthening which are the 2 things I really look for. It lasted really well on me and didn’t transfer onto my eyelids or run under my eyes which is what the YSL one did to me. – £19

Maneater Self-Sharpening Eyeliner 


I will admit, I am yet to try this and probably won’t for a while. I’m not an eyeliner person at all and I only really use them for special occasion makeup. However, I like the look of this liner. It’s kind of like a soft pencil liner, it seems similar to those gel pencil style liners. I’ll be sure to update if I do try this soon. It comes in a plain black shade. – £17

Maneater 8 Colour Eyeshadow Palette


When I ordered this set, I knew there was an eyeshadow palette but I didn’t know anything about the colours inside. When it arrived and I realised it is basically the palette I have been needing for so long now, I was excited, to say the least. It is my perfect neutrals palette, it has all the colours in that I felt my collection was missing. I have only used the light shimmery shade ‘lace’ as a highlighter so far but that was really soft and pigmented. I think I’m going to do a full post on this palette with some looks you can create etc.

This palette isn’t on the Tarte Cosmetics website, however, there are two palettes that look exactly the same in terms of packaging, layout etc which are £25.

Double-Ended Lip Sculptor – Kind


I love a good nude lip product so I get a real sense of excitement when I find a new favourite. This is a 2 in 1 nude lip colour, a dark nude lipstick on one end and a lighter nude lipgloss on the other end. I used these last night and they’re both really nice. The lipstick comes out quite a dark nude but it’s similar to a MAC cream sheen texture but it lasts really well, I went out for a meal and it stayed on all night. The lipgloss is also nice but together it’s quite a full on lip so I personally prefer to use them separately. – £19

Kabuki Style Buffing Brush & Double Ended Eye Shadow Brush


I feel like brushes that come in a makeup set are always overlooked as just being like a cheap extra to pad everything out but these are so nice. I had no idea how beautiful Tarte Cosmetics brushes really are, after browsing their collection I know want them all. I am yet to use either of these but my first impressions are good. Visually, they’re both lovely looking brushes. They’re both quite weighted which I think makes them feel quite high quality. They’re lovely and soft and I am imaging they’re both going to be great blending/buffing brushes.

I think these brushes are both exclusive to this set.

Everything comes with a limited edition purple and gold makeup bag which is exclusive to this set, that is the makeup bag in all the images.


I hope you have enjoyed this post and maybe even found it useful if you were considering making this purchase, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

If you’d be interested in seeing a post all about the eyeshadow palette then let me know in the comments. Also, I’d love to hear what other posts you’d like to see so pop those ideas below as well.

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