Top Saving Tips to Make the Most of Payday

Make it to January payday with ease with the help of these effective saving tips that will work for everyone!


Hands up if you’re broke after Christmas? Yep, me too!

Christmas is just crazy expensive. Even if you manage to do the big day and all the presents on a budget, the socialising during the festive period racks up a pretty hefty bill and I know for one that I’m feeling the pinch this month!

I’m not claiming to be a pro-saver but I’m pretty good when I put my mind to it, so I thought I’d share some top tips for saving some money throughout the month of January (and beyond)

1. Delete Mobile Paying Apps (Apple Pay etc)

I always think, ‘Oh, if I don’t take any money with me, I can’t buy anything’ and then I just pay using Apple Pay on my phone, so my top tip for January is to delete your card from all your mobile paying apps and then if you purposely leave your cards at home, you genuinely can’t spend any money!

I always leave a £10 note in the back of my phone case, so I’m never totally without money but that is emergency money!

2. Get Someone Else to Hide Your Cards

This might sound extreme but honestly, I have no willpower when it comes to online shopping and I genuinely need someone else to hide my cards so I can’t get hold of them!

All of your bills and direct debits are set up and you don’t physically need hold of your cards for that and you can draw out a monthly budget for food and essentials you might pay for on your card but after that, hide the plastic!

Ask someone you trust to do it for you but make sure they know it has to be a real emergency before they tell you where they are!

3. Only Pay in Cash 

I can be a bit of an ostrich when it comes to money and sort of just keep swiping my card and hoping for the best, so if I make myself pay for things in cash and only buy things I can afford with the physical money in my purse, I can keep really good track of what I’m spending!

Draw a monthly budget out at the beginning of the month and allocate yourself a portion of that money per week and stick to it, don’t pay on your card!

4. Don’t Put Money in Savings in January 

You’re probably thinking this makes no sense but hear me out!

If you’re anything like me then you probably make an effort to put a certain amount of money in savings every month but let’s be honest, you’ve probably battered your account in December and are going to be feeling a little light on money this month, so don’t put any money in savings in January and just help yourself get back on track.

If you put money in savings in January then you’re likely to have to get it back out which always feels a bit rubbish!

5. Get a Savings Account You Can’t Touch 

I’m all in favour of having an instant access savings account with some of your savings in. You never know what life will throw at you and it’s important to have access to some of your savings but I do think it’s worth to put a good chunk of savings in an account you can’t withdraw from whenever you want.

Fixed ISA accounts and other savings accounts with restrictions are perfect if you’re like me and can’t help dipping in your savings, so definitely look into your options and split your savings up a bit – this could also help make you some money as these kinds of accounts usually have better interest rates!

I’m no Martin Lewis but hopefully these few money saving tips will help you make it to January payday in one piece and perhaps start saving some money throughout the rest of the year too!

Do you have any extra saving tips to share? Pop them in the comments!