Celebrating Coeliac Awareness Week with M&S Food | AD

*Disclaimer – the products featured in this blog post were gifted by M&S Food for the purpose of inclusion in this blog post. This blog post is in collaboration with Marks & Spencer but all opinions are my own. 

As this week is Coeliac Awareness Week, there’s a lot going on in the free from community and lots of brands are doing their bit to show their support to us Coeliacs!

One of my favourite brands for gluten free food that I speak about A LOT is Marks & Spencer and as always, they’ve been at the top of the game when it comes to bringing out new free from products.

I always say how M&S’ free from range is a little different to other supermarkets as they bring out products that are different to everyone else’s. They’re often the foods you didn’t realise you missed until you could have them again and that’s what makes them so special.

I recently went for a wander around my local M&S Food Hall, which is Handforth Dean and met the manager there, Lucy. We picked some of their new products and best-sellers for me to try, so I thought I’d do this little haul style blog post for you, showing you what I got!

Made Without Wheat Raspberry Bakewell Slices 

One of the newer products at M&S, I picked these up mainly with my mum in mind as she loves Bakewell slices, so I knew she was the perfect person to review these!

You get 4 in a box and they’re a really decent size. There’s a good layer of raspberry jam and a generous topping of almond flakes and according to my mum ‘they tasted just like the regular ones’.

Made Without Wheat Caramel Crispie Mini Bites 

I’ve spoken about these little gluten free cake bites before over on my Instagram because they are one of the tastiest free from products I have ever tried!

They’re similar to their other mini bite tubs (which M&S are well known for) but these are totally gluten free and safe for coeliacs! They’re a rice crispie square with a layer of caramel and a layer of solid chocolate… so good!

Made Without Wheat Shortbread Rounds

I love shortbread biscuits and actually think gluten free shortbread is really nice and these are no exception.

You can’t beat a plain and simple shortbread biscuit and these ones are super buttery and just the right texture too, perfect for eating with a cup of tea or serving with a creme brulee!

Made Without Wheat Triple Chocolate Crunch Cereal

Probably one of my favourite gluten free products Marks & Spencer have ever brought out, their Triple Chocolate Crunch cereal might be a little bit high in calories and sugar but it is so good!

It’s a mixture of plain granola clusters and pieces of milk and white chocolate and for a Sunday morning breakfast or a special occasion, it is such a welcome treat!

Made Without Wheat Lemon Cheesecake Dessert

I’m not usually a huge cheesecake fan but I do really like lemon flavoured things, so I was still intrigued to try this little Lemon Cheesecake Dessert pot and I’m glad I did because it was delicious!

The cheese topping was super creamy and not overpowering and the main flavour throughout was sweet lemon which I personally loved. The cheescake base was pretty loose and crumbly but it is in a pot so that doesn’t matter so much!

Made Without Wheat Lemon Muffins 

These were part of M&S’ newest launch of gluten free products and they were probably the thing that grabbed my attention the most as I have been on the hunt for gluten free lemon muffins for ages!

I could find lemon cupcakes, lemon slices, lemon cakes but not lemon muffins and persoanlly, I think they all taste different so I particularly wanted muffns and I’m pleased to say these did not disappoint!

I used to love the original M&S lemon muffins and these tasted pretty much the same, just a little smaller but they come in packs of 4, so you can always just have more than one!

Made Without Wheat Sourdough Pizza

I love pizza and let’s be honest, gluten free pizza is pretty hit and miss, so when a new one comes out, I’m always keen to try!

I’ll be honest, I was hesistant about trying this as it retails for £4.50 which is a lot of money but when I was given the opportunity to try one for free, I jumped at the chance and I can confirm that I will definitely be purchasing this myself again.

If you don’t like thicker base pizzas, you probably won’t like this as the base is quite thick and doughy as it is a sourdough pizza but I personally liked this as the base was super soft and had good flavour.

They only do the pizza in a simple margarita but there’s plenty of cheese on top and I think this works as a nice blank canvas for you to add your own toppings if you want to!

Made Without Wheat Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli 

I love these fresh filled pastas and used to LIVE off them when I could eat gluten, so when I got diagnosed Coeliac, I was pretty disappointed about the selection available – like there was none when I first got diagnosed.

Schar brought out their variety a while back but in more recent months, all the supermarkets seemed to have jumped on this idea and brought out their own free from fresh pastas, including M&S.

I have tried to proscuitto fresh pasta from M&S’ free from range before, so am super excited to give this one a go – they make for a perfect super quick dinner!

Made Without Wheat Spaghetti Carbonara 

I’ve spoken about the Marks & Spencer Made Without Wheat ready meals before both on the blog and on my Instagram because I really like them! I don’t have ready meals very often because as gluten free food goes, ready meals are some of the worst but these are actually good and taste pretty homemade!

My favourites are the carbonara and the macaroni cheese, so if you’re looking for a quick dinner, these are good options!

Made Without Wheat Mixed Berry Crumbles

Finding gluten free desserts that aren’t chocolate is actually harder than you’d think, so it’s quite refreshing to see these berry crumbles available in the free from fridges!

I haven’t tried them yet but they look packed with fruit, so hopefully they’ll be good with some custard or ice cream!

Made Without Dairy Chocolate and Caramel Sticks (Gluten Free Too)

M&S do also have a selection of dairy free products too including ice creams which are delicious! These chocolate and caramel magnum style dairy free ice creams are a long-term favourite of mine.

You can’t tell that they’re dairy free by the taste and they’ve got the gluten free logo on the front of the box too for extra reassurance when shopping as a Coeliac.

Made Without Dairy Chocolate and Vanilla Cones 

Another gluten and dairy free ice cream option at M&S is these chocolate and vanilla ice cream cones – very like a cornetto!

I love ice creams like this, especially when the weather is hot and as it is nearly impossible to get gluten free ice cream cones at ice cream vans or in those little ice cream freezers in shops, I like to have things like these in the freezer so I don’t have to miss out!

You get 4 in the box and they’re actually a really good size, these also taste just like normal ice cream!

So, they’re some of my favourite free from products at M&S but what do you love? Let me know in the comments!


Gluten Free Festive Favourites With Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer have been a huge part of Christmas in my household for as long as I can remember! We always buy so much of our festive food from there as a Christmas treat and I love the fact that even now that I’m gluten free, I can still join in and get all my festive food from there!

The best thing about M&S Food is that they don’t just have their amazing ‘Made Without Wheat’ range but so many of their ‘normal’ products are also either naturally gluten free or made to be gluten free. All of their allergen information is so clearly labelled, so it’s super easy to shop there with confidence!

I’ve teamed up with M&S to show you some of my festive foodie favourites as this year, their Christmas marketing campaign is all about how you favourite foods make Christmas extra special. So, here we go:

Made Without Wheat Ready Meals

You might be thinking ‘ready meals at Christmas? What?’ but hear me out!

Turkey and all the trimmings is a staple on the 25th and of course, there’s always plenty left over as well as an abundance of chocolate and party food to be enjoyed throughout the festive period but does anyone else get to the 29th/30th and just crave ‘normal food’?

Food that isn’t at all festive but just something totally different to all the roast dinners and mini foods you’ve been eating for days now!

These tasty ready meals are perfect for when that craving kicks in because you’re probably also fed up of cooking and just want something so easy! The M&S gluten free ready meals are without a doubt my favourites because they taste such good quality and almost home cooked!

I’ve tried the Macaroni Cheese & Spaghetti Carbonara before and they are just insanely good but they’ve also got Spaghetti Bolognese, Beef Lasagne and Chicken, Bacon and Broccoli Bake, so whatever you fancy, they’ve got it!

I also got a Creamy Chicken Pie from there with gluten free pastry which is perfect if you fancy a home cooked meal that isn’t a roast dinner over the festive period!

Made Without Wheat Chocolate Yule Log

I’m not a huge fan of dried fruit so I don’t really like Christmas pudding but I am all about chocolate cake at Christmas and this free from yule log from M&S is just something else!

Not only does it look great as a centre-piece at all your family gatherings, it is so soft and delicious that you’d never know it was gluten free!

My top tip for serving this is to warm a slice up in the microwave for 20 seconds and serve with ice cream – heaven!

Made Without Wheat New York Cheesecake 

Continuing with the theme of desserts for those of us who don’t like Christmas pudding, you can’t go wrong with cheesecake can you?

It’s simple, it’s light and it’s so moreish and the M&S Made Without Wheat Vanilla New York Cheesecake is definitely my favourite!

You could add any toppings of your choice to this plain, creamy vanilla cheesecake but I think the best thing about this cheesecake is the size! It’s big enough to give yourself a generous portion on a couple of occasions but it’s not too big that you’ll end up wasting any if you’re the only one eating it!

Made Without Wheat Triple Chocolate Crunch Cereal 

When I was younger, at Christmas or if we went self-catering on holiday, we would always have the M&S Triple Chocolate Crunch cereal for breakfast as a treat but since being gluten free, I hadn’t had anything like that until now!

I have to say I think this is possibly one of the best launches in the gluten free world ever, this cereal is honestly just amazing!

There’s so much chocolate but the granola itself is the perfect level of sweetness, super crunchy and the whole thing together is just irresistible – I end up having multiple bowls!

Made Without Wheat Millionaires Shortbread & Caramel Crispy Bites

I’ve got a massively sweet tooth and nothing quite satisfies my craving for something chocolatey like the cakes from the Made Without Wheat range at M&S, so obviously I had to have some in for Christmas!

We all know the tubs of Caramel Crispy Mini Bites are just one of the best things ever! These little bites are so sweet and chocolatey and definitely have to be consumed at least 5 at a time!

The Millionaires Shortbread Slices are also seriously decadent with those thick layers of chocolate and caramel, so if you’re looking for a sweet treat to enjoy whilst watching a festive film, these should hit the spot!

M&S Chocolates – Normal Range

Although M&S have chocolate in their Made Without range, if you can eat dairy and are just looking for gluten free chocolate, a lot of the chocolate in their normal ranges is fine for you to eat!

I picked up the Belgian Flaked Truffles because these seriously decadent chocolates are a tradition in our house on Christmas Day and are always brought to the dinner table once we’ve finished dessert, so I couldn’t do a round up of my festive foodie favourites without including them!

I also got a box of assorted Swiss Chocolate Truffles which are all gluten free! I think this box of chocolates would make a lovely gift for someone, especially if you’re going to someone else’s house for dinner, they’d make a lovely thank you gift!

I also grabbed a pack of chocolate coins because they’re a stocking staple but needless to say, I don’t think they’ll make it to my stocking, I’ll just be snacking on those as an addition to my advent calendar!

Jaffa Cake Cocktail 

M&S have brought out some seriously cool and quirky bottled cocktails this year and I have to say, I am so excited to try the Jaffa Cake one!

You’re probably thinking there’s no way that jaffa cake cocktail could be gluten free but it is and you can be confident because the ingredients are so well labelled!

Gluten free jaffa cakes aren’t very nice, so hopefully a sip of this cocktail will bring back fond memories of one of my all-time favourite gluten-filled biscuits – M&S Jaffa Cakes!

Are you hungry now? I’m not surprised!

M&S is definitely my go-to destination for Christmas treats and I’d seriously recommend you take a visit before the big day to pick up some of these festive favourites!

If you want to be sure what is gluten free in the M&S food hall, you can head to the customer services/information desk in the food hall and ask for a printout of everything in store that is gluten free. It’s pretty long but it’s so handy to help you find everything you can eat and will probably help you discover some new favourites!

What’s your go-to festive food from M&S? Let me know!

New Gluten Free Foods You Need to Know About

The gluten free game is just getting better and better nowadays with more foods being released every single week.

Although it doesn’t always compensate for not having free reign of the supermarket aisles, it does make life as a Coeliac or food allergy sufferer a little easier, so I always like to celebrate new gluten free finds and launches!

There’s a few products that are either new to the shops or new to me that I think you need to know about, so here they are:

Promise Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Brioche

You’ve probably seen these all over Instagram and that’s for a very good reason because the new gluten free chocolate chip brioche from Promise Gluten Free are truly amazing.

One of my favourite finds ever, these little brioche rolls are soft, full of chocolate and just delicious.

They’re gluten and wheat free, contain no milk ingredients, contain egg and soya but impressively, are only 96 calories per roll!

You can eat them straight out the pack but I like the microwave for 20 seconds to melt the chocolate and that is just perfect!

Marks & Spencer Made Without Wheat Chocolate Twists

Marks & Spencer took over the gluten free internet space recently with the launch of their 3 new gluten free pastries but the ones that seem to have got everyone excited, including myself, is the chocolate twists!

My boyfriend loves normal chocolate twists and I’m always jealous when he has them, so I was so excited when I saw these as I can join him now!

They contain milk and have to be heated to be eaten, so not quite as convenient and normal pastries but a step in the right direction!

I haven’t tried these yet but will be doing a full review when I do!

Meridian Peanut Bars

I’m not sure how new to the shops these are but they’re new to me and they’re something any peanut lover needs to know about!

The Meridian peanut bars are just amazing. I like the plain peanut variety and the peanut and cocoa version. I’ve always wanted to have some nut bars to enjoy for snacks and breakfasts but hate dried fruit but these are just nuts.

They taste like bars of peanut butter which is just delicious and they’re also dairy free and vegan!

You can buy them individually or in packs of three and they also do a coconut variety!

Tesco Free From Gluten, Wheat and Milk Giant Chocolate Buttons

I’ve always loved giant chocolate buttons, not just Cadbury’s but all kinds, so when I found that Tesco are doing their own brand of gluten and dairy free ones, I was so excited.

These are so delicious. They taste like a lot of the supermarket own brand regular chocolate buttons as they’re super tasty but not as creamy as Cadbury’s but I like that.

As these come in sharing sized bags, I like to weigh 30g our into a smaller bowl for a snack at home or a small bag to take with me to work.

Marks & Spencer Dairy Free Vanilla and Caramel Iced Dessert

I’m always on the hunt for new dairy free ice creams to try and as much as I love the Alpro ones, I’ve been really enjoying the new vanilla and caramel dairy free ice cream from M&S.

It’s both gluten and dairy free and tastes just like normal vanilla and caramel ice cream which is always my favourite flavour.

One thing I love about this one is it comes in a decent sized plastic tub, opposed to a small carton which I find start to wear and become misshaped over time which generally makes a mess!

A bit of a sweet selection of recommendations but I can’t help but be drawn to treats when I see them!

Have you seen any new gluten free launches that you think everyone needs to know about? Share in the comments!