PMD Clean Review & How I Use

*the PMD Clean device was very kindly gifted to me in 2018 for inclusion in a gift guide. This blog post is not paid for or in partnership with PMD or any other brand, however, the product was gifted for advertisement purposes in the past. All opinions are my own. 

I’ve had bad skin my whole life and no skincare treatment has ever done anything about that.

I’ve tried tablets, creams and every skincare technique you can think of but they do not work, so honestly, I stripped my skincare routine right back to basics and stopped really paying any attention to devices and products that reckoned they could help my complexion.

I was so excited to be contacted by PMD in December, asking if I’d like to feature any of their products in my gift guide. I already had a PMD Kiss Lip Plumping device of my own, so I knew their products were good and I’d read some rave reviews about their face cleaning device, so I decided to include it in the gift guide.

I had a good look at the product and researched into it before including it in the gift guide but I never actually got round to using it until recently.

I was fancying a bit of a pamper night so I decided to run myself a nice bath, dig out my nicest body products and give the PMD Clean a go too.

I had makeup on when I got in the bath, so I removed most of it with a cleanser and muslin cloth and then put some more of my cleanser on the device and used the first vibration setting to massage the product onto my face.

You could see the makeup and dirt coming off my face and my face felt so smooth when I’d finished using and since then I’ve been hooked!

What Is The PMD Clean?

The PMD Clean is an electronic facial cleansing brush made from super soft silicone. A compact and lightweight device that is also available in a range of colours to match your bathroom, this brush has 4 vibration settings to provide different massaging and cleansing techniques for super soft, clean and glowing skin.

How I Use the PMD Clean

I definitely use the device slightly differently to how they recommend as I put the cleanser onto the brush and then massage into my face opposed to how they say to do it, which is to rub your cleanser into the skin first and then massage but whatever works!

I pair mine with the La Roche Posay cleanser for removing makeup or the Garnier Daily Facial Scrub if I want to exfoliate and get my glow back and wow – it really works!

This is now a daily essential for me and I always take it in the shower or bath with me. If I need to wash my face, this is going to being getting used, I can’t imagine going back to rubbing my cleanser in with my hands!

Once I have massaged the cleanser in using the first or second vibration seconds, I’ll then rinse the excess away with clean muslin or flannel and warm water!

I don’t really get much use out of the second two vibration settings but I guess if you want to go all out with the facial massage then they’ll come in handy!

My overall review of the PMD Clean would be that my skin has never looked as clear, bright and clean as it has since using this as part of my routine! I genuinely didn’t think skincare could sort my skin but over time, this is seriously helping keep my acne at bay as my skin is so much cleaner and I actually have a glowy complexion for the first time ever!

The PMD Clean is available to buy directly from their website for £89.00! They have now brought out the PMD Clean Pro and I can’t lie, I’m seriously tempted to upgrade!

Have you tried a PMD Clean Device? What did you think?