Christmas at Revolution Bars – Is It Good for Gluten Free?

*Disclaimer: This post is a non-paid collaboration with Revolution Bars. All opinions are my own. 

There’s going to be two different reactions to the fact I’m already talking about Christmas: some people will be rolling their eyes at this point thinking it is WAY too early to even be touching on this topic but then there’ll be lots of people who can not wait to start talking Christmas and I’m definitely one of those people, so let’s get started.

Now, if you’re not familiar with Revolution Bars then first of all, where have you been? But if you haven’t then Revolution is a chain of bars/restaurants in the UK with locations in cities and towns in England, Wales and Scotland, including my home town of Macclesfield.

Although I spend a lot of time (too many Saturday nights) in my local Revolution, drinking cocktails and dancing with my friends, we also love to head to one of the four Revolution bars in Manchester when we’re day drinking or on a night out in the city.

The Revolution bars in Manchester are bigger (and possibly even better) than my local, so although they’re all decorated very similarly and have pretty much the same food and drink menus, it still feels extra special to head to one of the Manchester branches, so when it comes to Christmas time, we will definitely be taking a trip into the city for a little Revs date.

A lot of people don’t know that Revolution do food full stop but even people that do know you can eat at a Revolution don’t realise how BIG they go at Christmas. You can actually book to go to any Revolution bar that serves food, including all 4 of the Manchester locations and have a full 3 course Christmas dinner… even if you’re gluten free.

If you’re wondering about dining at your local Revs this Christmas then I’ve done the hard work for you, scoured their festive menu and worked out what us gluten free foodies can enjoy during our visit:


So, to kick start the meal there’s two gluten free starters on the Christmas menu and I am very pleased to report, neither of them involve melon… the classic gluten free starter!

Option 1 is the Sweet Potato and Harissa Soup which is actually a refreshing change to tomato or leek and potato but still relatively simple and classic, so I’m confident everyone will like this.

The other option is smoked salmon and prawns with harissa sour cream and beetroot dressing which is a relatively classic seafood starter with a little extra special twist with the unique dressing.

Both of these dishes are naturally gluten free which I personally like opposed to being given gluten free alternatives to ‘normal foods’.


Unfortunately, the classic turkey dinner isn’t a gluten free option but for meat eaters, the short rib of beef is gluten free, served with goose fat roast potatoes, balsamic roasted red onions, carrots, parsnips, Brussel sprouts and their rich beef gravy. I personally prefer beef to turkey anyway and I know a lot of people that feel the same, so I’d be more than happy to have a beef dinner over a turkey one.

If you’d prefer fish, the other gluten free option for main courses is the grilled hake fillet with a roasted red pepper and pesto sauce and new potatoes, also served with the carrots, parsnips and sprouts. I personally don’t like fish, so I’d never opt for this but I know so many people like to choose a fish main, even at Christmas, so this is perfect.

The only comment I would make on the main courses is that the vegetarian option isn’t labelled as gluten free so if you’re vegetarian/vegan and gluten free then you may struggle but I’m sure you could ask your local Revolution about adapting the dish to make it suitable for gluten free.


Now as expected, the gluten free pudding options are limited but the good news is, the gluten free dessert on the three course menu is NOT a chocolate brownie or a fruit salad, so that is definitely a positive.

The gluten free dessert is a raspberry and prosecco sorbet with fresh raspberries and raspberry sauce which for me, if it has prosecco in it, I’m happy to give it a go and to be honest, this sounds really light and refreshing which after two quite heavy courses, that is just what you need.

As well as a three course menu, there is also a Christmas buffet menu which can be used for Christmas parties hosted at Revolution Bars and there are three non-gluten containing savoury options on the menu which are:

  • Smoked salmon and prawns with harissa sour cream and dressed leaves
  • Chickpea humous with celery and red pepper sticks
  • Mini baked potatoes with sour cream and chive

Although the selection is pretty small, two of them are vegetarian which is great because it means they’re more likely to suit more guests. Unfortunately, none of the sweet dishes on the Christmas buffet are gluten free, so if you are attending a Christmas party at Revs and you have a sweet tooth, you might want to throw a gluten free cake in your bag!

As for price, the three-course Christmas menu is from £18.95 per person at lunch and from £25.95 per person at dinner and the buffet is from £13.95 per person which I think is pretty standard prices for a high street restaurant, if not actually quite affordable.

On a Coeliac note, Revolution are not Coeliac UK accredited and their menu is advertised as having ‘non gluten containing’ options opposed to gluten free which is the same as many other restaurants. As with all cooking environments where gluten containing meals are made as well as gluten free, there is a risk of contamination but as most establishments do, Revolution Bars do try to be as careful in the kitchen as they can to keep things separate.

As always, I would recommend telling your server at your local bar where you’re eating that you are Coeliac and explain precautions you need to be taken when preparing your food.

So, if you’re local to me then I say it’s time we enjoy good food and party together this Christmas! To find out more about their Christmas parties in Manchester, head to the Revolution website now!