Tattoo Experience Part 2: My Ribs

Fancy the idea of getting a rib tattoo? Have a read of my experience and tips if you’re considering getting one done!


When I got my first tattoo on my ankle, I shared my experience of getting that done with you here on the blog, so now I have had my second one done, I thought I’d give you an insight into what that was like too because it was a totally different experience.

I had wanted a tattoo on my rib pretty much since I’d decided I wanted to start getting tattoos but I was warned by everyone that it would hurt really badly and as I have the world’s lowest pain threshold, I decided to put it off for a while.

After getting the back of my leg done first and not finding that too painful, I got a bit hooked and wanted my ribs doing more than ever, so I found a design I wanted and booked into get it done.

The Tattoo 

I knew I wanted a short quote in a calligraphy style font on my ribs and originally found a picture of a tattoo that said ‘this too shall pass’ and decided I’d get that.

The more I thought about that quote, the more I decided I just wasn’t in love with it. I didn’t feel really confident telling people about it and that kind of highlighted to me that I didn’t want it on my body.

I did some research into short (specifically four words) quotes and fell in love with ‘no rain, no flowers‘ which is what I went for in the end. I first heard this quote when Fabulous Hannah brought out her merchandise and when I saw it again, I remembered how much I loved it.

I picked the font ‘Barosaki Script’ which is a really fine, handwritten style font and I just thought it was really feminine and pretty which is the style of tattoos I like.

Getting it Done 

This tattoo is RIGHT ON MY RIBS. And I mean RIGHT on my ribs, properly on the bone, where there is no fat, no flesh, just pure skin and bone and that mean’t the pain was pretty intense.

I don’t want to scare anybody that really wants to get their ribs tattooed by the pain was more than just noticeable, it actually really hurt.

I wouldn’t even describe it as just uncomfortable or a bit scratchy, it was genuinely painful for me and I did struggle to sit through it.

It took about an hour and I found the position I had to lie in with my arm above my head was so uncomfortable and in the end, I had to squeeze someone’s hand whilst I had it done because the pain was getting to me.

Some people say the pain of tattoos make them feel sick or dizzy or even faint but I didn’t feel any of those things, it just really really hurt.

The Finished Tattoo

I can honestly say though that the pain was worth it because I love the finished tattoo!

I got it done at The Cheshire Tattoo Studio by Ellie like I did last time because I like her style and I feel like she knows what I like to now and works the designs I give her to fit what I like.

The size is perfect, the positioning is perfect and I just love it.

After Pain and Healing 

When I got my ankle done, there was literally no after pain but for about 24 hours after getting my ribs done the pain was still pretty bad.

My ribs felt bruised and breathing in was a bit sore. It also stung for a few hours after quite intensely.

I kept this once wrapped up for a little longer than I did with my ankle and I’m glad I did because it leaked ink so much more than the other one and needed a lot of cleaning during the first couple of days.

Saying that, this one actually healed far quicker than my ankle. I cleaned and moisturised it with Bepanthem 2-3 times a day for about a week and it was totally heeled, no scabbing, no flaking and it had heeled really well whereas my ankle did scab over.

It cost me £80 to get this tattoo but for me, it was worth it because I love it and I’m already planning my next one!