Watch Me at TEDx Bollington

The day has finally come for me to share something with you that has not only been in the pipeline since December but has actually been out in the open since June, I just couldn’t share it online because well, I didn’t have it!

As many of you will know, I was asked to do a TEDx talk back in December and the big day finally took place on June 16th, so just over a month ago now and as I said in my TEDx Experience blog – what a day!





I absolutely loved creating my TEDx talk and delivering it on the day was honestly such an unforgettable experience. The feedback I got from live watchers was incredible and I just walked around the whole day and the day after too, with a Cheshire cat style grin on my face!

Since then, I’ve kind of been in limbo as I could tell everyone that I have done a TEDx talk and had the pictures but I couldn’t show them the actual talk! All my friends and family members who couldn’t make it on the day have been desperate to watch and it has been so frustrating to not have the talk to show them but I am so excited to say that it is live online now for you to watch!

You can watch my TEDx talk, from TEDx Bollington on YouTube now!

My talk is called ‘It’s Time to Remove the Filter From Social Media’ and you can watch it here!

I can’t believe the lovely messages I have had from people already and that over 400 people have already watched it but the more people that hear the message, the better, so please give it a watch!

If you could share the link on Twitter, that’d be even more amazing and don’t forget to tag me – @elliepool_

Your support is always so appreciated, so thank you as always and I hope you enjoy!

Photo Credit: Martin Hambleton


I’ve Got News – TEDx Bollington

Since my breakup in September, I have vowed to take every opportunity that has come my way and work myself silly to achieve all the things I’ve always wanted to do.

Becoming a published author on Huffington Post ticked a massive box on my bucket list but there was one equally as big thing I wanted to do and that was talk at a TEDx conference and well… it’s happening!

I am so excited to tell you all that I will be speaking at TEDx Bollington on the 16th June about how social media can be used to encourage face to face conversations about taboo subjects.


That might sound a bit long but the short title of the piece is ‘You’re Not Alone’ and that perfectly summarises what I work to make everyone one of my followers on here and on social media feel, that you’re not alone.

I have chosen to share the lows of my life online in the most public of ways but have got such strength and confidence from doing so, as well as helping others and I am so passionate about educating other people to use social media in this way too which is what I’ll be speaking about during my TEDx talk.

I am one of a fantastic lineup of 8 speakers and the theme of the event is ‘The Art of Connection’ and all 8 of us will be speaking about totally different topics but all surrounding this theme, so it really is set to be a fantastic few hours.

If you’re local, tickets will go on sale mid-February and I’ll share the link to buy tickets once I have them but if you can’t make the event, my talk will be streamed online for you to watch wherever you are and it really would mean the world if you could tune in.

I am so so excited for the whole TEDx experience and i’m in the planning and early rehearsal stages now, so I can’t wait for everything to come.

Thank you for the support on here and online because it always means the worlds and really is the inspiration behind this talk.