Zippo Sunglasses Review | AD

*Disclaimer – This blog is in collaboration with Zippo. Items marked with a (*) in this blog post were gifted by Zippo for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own. 

When we think of Zippo as a brand, we tend to think on lighters. I was first introduced to Zippo many years ago by friends of mine that smoked and used Zippo lighters but as a non-smoker, I never really had a need to explore the brand any further, however, in recent years the brand has brought out a whole new range of sunglasses and they’re much more relevant to my life.

As well as a quality range of leather goods, Zippo have recently launched a range of gorgeous sunglasses and I was lucky enough to receive a pair* this summer to test out when we’ve had good weather and I’m going to be sharing my thoughts with you today.

So, which pair did I choose?

Well, the lovely team at Zippo gave me free reign of their sunglasses collection  so I could pick my favourite pair and I went for the *Smoke Round Sunglasses as this is a style I love but don’t currently own.

I used to have a pair very similar to this from a different brand but unfortunately, I sat on them and they snapped… SO, this was the perfect chance to get a similar pair back in my collection and I am so happy I did because since my Zippo sunglasses have arrived, they have lived either on my face, in my car or in my bag.

The first thing I just can’t believe about these glasses is that they’re priced between £14.00 – £20.00 per pair which for sunglasses is just unbelievably affordable. They’re rally modern and stylish and they have lots of different colours and shapes for different occasions and preferences but they feel so high quality.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re very lightweight because the materials are quite basic but saying that, who really wants super heavy sunglasses? The Zippo branding is really subtle and they pair I chose look like they could’ve come from plenty of different designers.

The pair I chose doesn’t have one of those adjustable nose posts which I AM VERY HAPPY ABOUT because only some of you will understand how irritating it is when your hair is in a pony tail and you put sunglasses on your head and the nose post gets stuck in your hair and you ruin your ponytail… I know it sounds ridiculous but I genuinely avoid sunglasses like that, so these are perfect.

I opted for a black pair as I find them the most versatile but the same round style of sunglasses at Zippo are available in a brown and a green printed finish if you fancy something a little bolder.

Now, let’s talk lenses because as much as a pair of sunglasses need to look good, they need to do their job too and I won’t lie, I have spent hundreds of sunglasses before and the lenses have been terrible.

I always compare sunglasses to my Prada pair as they’re my go-to pair, mainly because they were a real investment and as much as it pains me to say it, I could’ve saved myself hundreds and just bought a pair from Zippo because the lenses are better.

The lenses on the Zippo ones are so dark when you put them on, they’re genuinely really good whereas the lenses in my Prada ones are quite frankly… terrible. In my Prada sunglasses, I still have to shade my eyes from the sun when I have them on because they do literally nothing but the Zippo ones are great.

With the Zippo sunglasses, you also get a little protective drawstring case for them. It is only a thin, protective bag opposed to a hard case but it does the job and for the price of the sunglasses, it’s great that you get anything with them.

So, my overall review of the Zippo sunglasses is that everyone needs a pair… SERIOUSLY!

I absolutely love mine and am currently eyeing up all the other designs in the style I have because I want them all now. They’re a comfortable fit, dark lenses and they don’t break the bank – what more could you want?