Tancream SPF and Self Tan Review

My new favourite tanning product – Tancream! Not just a false tan but SPF too, this is a one of a kind tanning product!


I often talk about the fact that I am an absolute tanning addict! I just love being tanned but unfortunately I am not a natural tanner so therefore, if I want to be bronzed, I have to fake it.

Usually, I’m an instant tan girl. I’ll find the best, darkest instant tans and just slap it on as and when I want or need to be tanned but recently I’ve tried a product that has just changed the tanning game for me!

Introducing Tancream!

I was contacted by the lovely owner of Tancream when planning my Women’s Christmas Gift Guide and after reading up on the product, I was so excited to try it! After giving this unique tanning product I go, I fell in love with it and shared it with you guys in the gift guide but I wanted to talk to you about it in more detail!

Tancream is multi-tasking tanning product as it isn’t just an instant self-tan but it also contains SPF to protect your skin from the dangerous rays of the sun! Tancream is not only good at keeping your skin safe in the sun but its also super moisturising to keep your skin feeling nice too!

Tancream is a totally one of a kind product in my eyes in many ways but one thing I know a lot of people will love about this is the fact that it doesn’t smell like fake tan! Anyone who wears fake tan will be familiar with that smell that is often described as ‘biscuits’ and a lot of people can’t stand it but Tancream is odourless which makes a real change.

I apply this tan in the same way I would any other false tan which is with a tanning mitt after I’ve had a shower. I like to keep my skin shaved and exfoliated as much as possible so I’m always ready for tan but my favourite thing about this tan is that you don’t need to moisturise before applying it as it is so moisturising!

It never goes patchy or fades weirdly, it fades really evenly and naturally and doesn’t even look like a fake tan, it looks so natural and just gives a subtle glow to your skin which is perfect for everyday wear!

I would describe Tancream as a premium product as the price point is higher than what I would usually pay but I can honestly say that this product is hand on heart worth paying for!

Tancream is available direct from their website or Amazon for £44.95 for a 100ml bottle but a little bit of this tan goes a long way as it is so moisturising and spreads so easily and evenly across the body!

So, if you’re looking for a daily tanning product that can be used on the face and body and really ticks all the boxes, including protecting your skin from dangerous and damaging UV rays, I would definitely recommend trying Tancream!


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