Tanya Burr Cosmetics – ‘Neutral Ambience’ Collection

Tanya Burr Cosmetics –  ‘Neutral Ambience’ collection – available instore at Superdrug – 15th May 2017


There’s something so exciting about new product releases from blogger’s, whether that’s because they’re held top secret for so long or because we just love to see people in this industry doing well.

Tanya Burr has been releasing makeup products for a while now and she regularly releases small collections and her most recent release is the ‘Neutral Ambience’ range.

This collection has a real spring/summer feel to it, a lot of rose gold tones but in general, a very neutral (what a surprise), wearable collection.

This collection features 2 new eyeshadow palettes and 2 new lipsticks.

All products are already available for order on the Superdrug website.


I always love the packaging of Tanya’s products, all though I can’t wait for the day that the eyeshadow packaging feels as high quality as the lipsticks and lipglosses as they still feel slightly cheaper in the cardboard packaging.

The Products

My Escape Eyeshadow Palette 


This is the darker of the two palettes, with three dark shades and just one light, shimmery shade.

This palette would be better for night time makeup in my opinion.

£5.99 at Superdrug

My Paradise Eyeshadow Palette


This is the lighter and more shimmery of the two palettes, i’d say it’s suitable for both day and evening.

The general tone is rose gold and all the shades are quite similar, they blend really well.

If you carry on packing the shadow on to the lid, you can get a nice colour pay off.

£5.99 at Superdrug


Bear Hug Lipstick


Bear Hug is the lighter of the two shades, it is more of an orangey toned nude so if you favour those sort of colours then this is your best option out of the two.

I love the formula of Tanya Burr lipstcks, they’re really soft and creamy, I’d say they’re most similar to MAC’s creamsheen formula.

The packaging feels really high end as well, it’s quite weighted which I think makes them seem really luxuorious.

£6.99 at Superdrug

Sunday Walk Lipstick


I find that Sunday Walk lipstick suits me best out of the two, it’s a darker, more pinky nude which compliments my pale skintone better.

Again, the formula is the same so really comfortable to wear.

I also love the size of the bullet for these lipsticks, it’s the perfect shape so I find them so easy to apply.

£6.99 at Superdrug

I hope you all found this post helpful if you were considering purchasing any of the collection, it’s all really lovely, perfect for the current season and so affordable.

If you’d like to see photographs or here my opinion on any other blogger beauty products then let me know and I’ll try to get my hands on them.



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