Testing an Interior Design DIY

I’ve always avoided interior design DIYs as I’m always afraid of messing them up and then having wasted my money. Or even worse, doing something and hating it, then having to put it right.

I was watching a video by Danielle Jasmine, called ‘Ikea Hacks & Pintrest DIY’s | Make Affordable Look Luxe’, and I saw the DIY hack I’m going to share with you today.

I’d really recommend that video if you’re into luxury looking interior design like me, but you’re working on a budget.

The hack I’ve tested from that video is creating a marble effect bedside table using an IKEA bedside table and a roll of marble effect sticky back plastic.

I’d wanted a marble top piece of furniture in my room for ages but couldn’t afford that and I didn’t even have room for anymore furniture. However, when I saw this, I did realise how worn my old bedside draws were looking, and decided to give this DIY a go.

For this DIY I bought the IKEA Hemnes bedside table in ‘white wash’, which was £40, and got a roll of blue/grey marble sticky back plastic for £9.99 from Homebase, by a brand called Fablon.

I’d also recommend roping in a partner, friend or family member with good patience and attention to detail to help you with this; I have neither of the above skills so my lovely other half basically completed this DIY for me while I ‘project managed’ and wrote this blog post!!

The jist of it is, you basically need to cover the upper side of the top of the unit in the sticky back plastic and then just build the unit as the instructions say!

It was quite a lengthy process, especially making sure the top had been covered neatly and there was no bubbles, we found this really was a two man job!

I also decided to copy the video and change the handle as the bedside table comes with a tiny, plain black handle. I chose a white and silver handle as I thought it tied everything together nicely!

The final result?? I love it! It doesn’t look DIY at all, the finish is so high quality and looks like a real marble table top! 

I dressed mine really simply with a lamp, vintage style clock and marble coasters on top, and some blogger books on the shelf, and have made it a little feature of my room!

I would highly recommend checking out Danielle’s video and trying some of the other DIYs, I’m definitely going to be testing some more! 


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