The Bags I Can’t Be Without

A lot of girls consider themselves to be ‘handbag people’ and I have to admit, I am one of them.

I like shoes, clothes and makeup a lot too but I do have an eye for a handbag, always have and I imagine I probably always will.When I say I’m a handbag person, I don’t mean I buy lots and lots of handbags but I like to buy bags I consider to be nice, good brands and good quality for my money.I don’t buy what is considered ‘high end’ brands when it comes to bags but I don’t go for high street stores either, somewhere in the middle and I’m very happy with the ones I have. I have a few bags that are absolute staples for me and ones I go for all the time, so I thought I’d share these favourite bags with you.

Ted Baker Grey and Rose Gold Cross Body Bag

One of my most recent additions to the bag collection, I got this grey and rose gold cross body bag from Ted Baker for my birthday a few months back and have fallen in love.Also available in black and a couple of other bolder colours, I chose the grey as it was completely unlike anything else I own and therefore a worthwhile buy.The bag is quite a stiff, structured leather but you can fit plenty inside and it’s all very safe and secure. The rose gold hardware contrasts so nicely with the light grey leather and I think looks really classy. The Ted Baker Laney bag is still available on the website!

Michael Kors Black and Gold Triple Zip Cross Body Bag

As you’re about to realise, Michael Kors is one of my favourite bag brands, I just love them.

This cross body bag from Michael Kors was a gift a few years back and one I’ve used non stop since.

The perfect black cross body bag, the gold hardware gives this bag a really classy but versatile look but thanks to the triple zip design, it’s so spacious.

The textured leather wears really well and the soft fabric means you can pack a lot in without struggling to zip the bag up and the three separate sections gives you plenty of space to store your things.

This bag goes with pretty much every outfit and is ideal for shopping days.

Michael Kors don’t appear to sell this exact bag anymore but their Adele bag is very similar but with two compartments opposed to three.

Michael Kors Tan Leather Tote Bag

Probably my most expensive bag purchase to date, this tan leather tote bag from Michael Kors is my pride and joy.

My everyday bag and the handbag I use for work, this slightly bigger bag is ideal for when you want to carry more things with you.

The tan leather and gold hardware look great together and the two separate main pockets with a zipper compartment in the middle is really convenient.

I like that I can fit my big purse in this bag and it also fits a regular sized iPad in which is handy for travelling or using for work.

The Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Saffiano Leather Tote is still available to buy and is retailing for £270.

Dorothy Perkins Black Suede Clutch

From one extreme to the other, the final bag I can’t be without is my black suede-effect clutch bag from Dorothy Perkins.

A very cheap and cheerful purchase that does the job perfectly, I love using this bag for nights out as it fits everything in, goes with every outfit but is also affordable, so I’m not worried about it getting damaged with drinks, etc.

It had a slight bit of gold detailing and although I’ve used it multiple times now, it’s still going strong and hasn’t got a single mark.

The black ‘envelope’ clutch bag is currently on sale for just £8.00 online!

Although most of these bags are still available to buy, I think the styles of them are all staple bags to have in your collection, so even if you go for dupes of these, you’ll have a good range of bags to suit all outfits.

Because I love bags so much, I’d love to know what your favourite bags is, so share in the comments!


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