The best drugstore eyeshadow palette? 

I love an eyeshadow palette and I’d say I collect them more than many other makeup items. 

I’m really open to trying new brands and always start by testing eyeshadow palettes as I feel it’s an easy way to get into a brand. 

I also love a dupe for more premium palettes but just find that it’s rare that the affordable dupe is as good as the premium. 

Today I’m bringing to you the ‘I ❤ Makeup’ chocolate bar palettes, a definite dupe for a certain chocolate bar palette collection from Too Faced…

The packaging was what caught my eye, and just how much they mimicked the Too Faced palettes. These are a heavy plastic palette instead of a tin packaging, which I don’t mind. I love how they have the ‘melting chocolate’ design, the packaging is just really fun! 

The white palette is the ‘naked chocolate’ palette and is a warm toned nude palette, with a mixture of shimmer and Matte shades. This isn’t really a dupe for any particular palette, I just liked the colours.

The pink palette is called ‘chocolate and peaches’ palette and is a definite copy for the ‘sweet peach’ palette so it’s quite pink toned. Again, a mix of shimmers and mattes.

I’ve tested both palettes and the colour pay off is really good. They blend out amazingly well, and the colour is really easy to build up and layer. The mattes are so creamy and the shimmer shades have a really good shine without looking cheap.

I definitely prefer the shades in the ‘naked chocolate’ (white) palette, the shades suit my blue eyes and skin tone much better.

These palettes are £7.99 each and available at Superdrug. 

I would highly recommend trying these if you’re after a new eyeshadow palette or maybe even if you’re contemplating buying the ‘sweet peach’ palette from Too Faced, it might be good to try this palette and see how much use you get out of the shades.

If you’d like to see some looks using these palettes then let me know! 


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