The Best Ways to Keep Busy on a Flight

As I said earlier in a previous post, I hate flying and the I always find the more bored I am on a flight, the more anxious I get as I start to focus on how nervous I am.

I thought I’d share with you my top tips for keeping yourself busy and occupied on a flight and hopefully time will just ‘fly by’…;) 


Most of us look forward to a holiday to get away from work and I wouldn’t suggest getting stuck into anything too stressful in the middle of a flight, but if you enjoy your job and plan to take your work away with you anyway, doing some on the plane is a great way to pass time. I find blogging on a flight a nice way to spend an hour or so. 

Watch a Film

Many people opt to listen to music but with a song only lasting 3-4 minutes, it doesn’t keep me occupied and I’m still looking for things to do at the same time, whereas watching a film or TV series is a great way to keep your busy for a decent length of time. I find putting my headphones in and getting drawn into something like a film is a great way to shut off from what’s going on around you. Not all planes have TVs so I’d recommend loading films or programmes onto an iPad or tablet! 

Puzzle Books

An obvious choice for some, but not something I’d usually bother with, but on a flight, a puzzle book is a great way to keep your brain focused on something other than the flight and I find concentrating on something like a puzzle really makes time go quick. There also great to have for by the pool. 

Do Your Makeup

Some people avoid makeup on flights and I can understand why, but if you’re bored and looking for something to do, doing your makeup is a great way to pass some time. I’d recommend saving this towards the end of the flight so you can enjoy your fresh face of makeup when you get off the plane, but don’t leave it too late as you don’t want to have to stop halfway through for landing. 


Nothing makes time on a plane disappear like going to sleep. Some people find this easy, others just can’t sleep on a plane and I’m somewhere in the middle. Especially on long haul flights, if you can get a few hours sleep, it’ll make the flight feel a lot more bearable. 

I hope this has helped if you’ve got a flight coming up and you’re looking for ways to fill your time.

If you have any hacks or advice for making the time on a plane fly by, let me know in the comments! 


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