The Single Girl’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide (ad)

*A selection of the products featured in this gift guide were sent to me as gifts from brands for the purpose of review and inclusion in this blog post. These products have been marked with a (*). All opinions of these products are my own.

There’s two options when you’re single for Valentine’s Day. You can either feel all mopey about it or you can embrace it, realise you don’t need a partner to be happy and simply treat yourself to a little V-Day gift instead!

This is my first Valentine’s Day single since 2016, so I’m not going to lie and say I’m thrilled about it but it is what it is and I’m not going to magically find a boyfriend in the next two weeks, so I’m just going to have to treat myself this Valentine’s Day!

I’m not saying I’m going to be buying myself a bunch of roses (might buy myself the box of chocolates though) but I think a new pamper product or something nice for me is the perfect way to banish any Valentine’s Day blues, so here’s a few products I think are perfect for helping to put a pep in your step when you’re single on the 14th!

*Seksy Fragrances – £35.00

I’ve been running out of perfume for ages, so I thought what better time to add a new bottle to my collection than Valentine’s Day?

I love having a good selection of fragrances to choose from because I think you can never have too many different perfumes, so I was super excited to add the ‘Entice’ perfume by Seksy to my collection!

There’s three fragrances in the new range and they retail for £35.00 each for  a 50ml bottle and £45.00 for a 100ml bottle, so a really affordable price point!

The bottles are really pretty and I think quite glamorous, so they’re a perfect treat to yourself… and you never know, if you manage to bag a date in the next few weeks, it’ll be perfect for that too!

*Tangle Angel Pro Hairbrush – £18.95

One thing I am so conscious of all the time is my hair looking ok. It’s become a slight obsession that I want to have a hairbrush with me all the time because I have such long hair and it just looks a real mess if it gets knotted or goes unbrushed for too long, so treating myself to a new hairbrush is always going to make me happy.

My hair kills hairbrushes like seriously, cheap hairbrushes don’t stand a chance against my hair, so I have to go for good quality and the Tangle Angel Pro is perfect.

I mean, it’s rose gold for a start so obviously it makes me smile but it’s also super durable and genuinely just glides through my hair and leaves it feeling so smooth and fresh.

There’s loads of brushes available in the Tangle Angel collection, including travel ones and just saying but they do matching ones for grooming your dog… I LOVE IT!


*A Eucerin Facial with the Hyaluron Filler

There really is no better treat to yourself for a pamper night in on the 14th than some new skincare treats at Eucerin is an affordably priced brand available in Boots that has a number of different ranges suitable for different skin types.

They have a hydrating range, blemish prone range and anti-age range just to name a few and all of the products are at really reasonable price points, so ideal for a little treat to yourself if you’re staying single for V-Day this year.

I’ve been trying the Hyaluron Filler Night Peel and Serum which all though from the anti-ageing collection so does tackle wrinkles, it also smooths and refines skin texture and reduces pores, so is ideal for younger skin too.

*Skin Academy Sheet Masks

If you can’t pick yourself up a face mask to help you relax and unwind on Valentine’s Day then when can you?

Sheet masks are my favourite because they’re so quick and easy to apply and are usually pretty affordable!

I’ve been testing a few from the Skin Academy range and they’ve got so many to choose from to suit every skin type. Available to directly from their website or also available on Boohoo or Pretty Little Thing, so why not throw one in your basket when picking up some new PJs for a chilled Valentine’s Day night in!

Valentine’s Night In Top Tip – Run a bath, get your favourite candle lit, get all your favourite pamper products out and take some time making yourself feel amazing!

*Baking Kits from Creative Nature Superfoods

If you’re looking for something to pass the time on your Valentine’s Day night in then baking is a perfect option!

I usually bake from scratch but Valentine’s Day is a Thursday this year and I just don’t want to be starting measuring loads of ingredients out when I get in from work so a baking kit is a perfect treat to yourself to provide some entertainment for the evening and some tasty treats too!

The Creative Nature Superfoods baking kits are gluten free, dairy free, soya free, nut free, organic and packed with superfoods so they’re perfect for the baker who wants to avoid those key allergens!

I’ll be baking the chocolate and chia brownies but they also have muffin mixes and banana bread!

A Bottle of Your Favourite Drink 

Don’t wait for a man to buy you a bottle of wine to enjoy in the bath or in front of the TV, go and grab one for yourself!

Whatever your favourite tipple is, be it a bottle of wine, some bubbly or you’re more of a spirit and mixer kind of girl, or even a soft drinks fan, pour yourself a glass and cheers to a happy and single Valentine’s Day!

A New Set of Comfies

I live for loungewear and pyjamas and would wear those kinds of clothes all day everyday if I could, so I can’t think of a better gift to myself for Valentine’s Day than a new set of comfies!

I highly rate the pyjamas and loungewear sets from F&F at Tesco and have 3/4 pairs from there and they’re definitely my favourites and so affordable but if you’re in the mood to splash out on something a little more luxury, my mum got me some cashmere bed socks from The White Company for Christmas and they’re just a dream!

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette – £42.00

I literally need no excuse to buy myself new makeup but if you need a bit more convincing to splash out on some new cosmetics, a V-Day gift to yourself is the perfect reason!

Sticking with the pink theme this Valentine’s Day, the Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette is my new favourite eye shadow palette and is packed with pink and purple colours which are perfect for the occasion!

I’ve posted a full review blog post on this palette, so check that out for more information!


So, there’s no need to feel down about being single this Valentine’s Day when there’s so many great treats to buy yourself as a little pick me up!

Whether you’re celebrating with the girls or having a chilled night in alone, I hope you have a good Valentine’s Day and remember, it’s just a day made by retailers to sell more flowers, so don’t feel down for being single!

*The faux flowers used in the imagery were gifted by Ferris Heart Sloane.


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