The Top Picks from my Brow Products Collection

Brows have gone crazy over recent years, and turned into one of the biggest trends in the makeup world, and I have to admit, I love a sharp brow as much as the next girl.

I have a fair sized collection of brow products, but it could definitely be worse, I get use out of all the products, they’re all good for different kinds of looks.

I mix up my brows quite a lot, depending on the rest of my look and the occasion etc, so I like to have a variety of products.

As with any collection though, I have my favourites, and there are some real standout products for me, so I thought I’d share with you the ‘top picks’ from my brow products collection.


Brow Gels / Pomades

I avoided brow pomades for ages as I thought they looked really complicated and I just didn’t think I had enough attention to detail to use them, but I’ve practised a lot and now I really like them.

I tend to only use them for evening occasions or when I’m going for a heavier look as I can’t really get a subtle look with them but for special occasion makeup when I want my brows to be bold, I love them.

My favourite is the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, I use the shade chocolate and it matches my natural hair colour really well, it is quite a dark brown. I use a small angled Anastasia brush to draw the outline of the brows and a small angled MAC brush to fill in the middle.

I also have a Milani brow pomade which is far more natural and is a lot lighter in colour. I like this for daytimes but it can be a bit tricky to get a sharp line with this product.

Brow Powders / Palettes

On a daily basis, I use a brow powder as it is quicker and easier and just looks more natural to me.

My everyday palette is the Tanya Burr Perfect Brows palette, I use the darkest shade in the palette and it works really well for me. These powders are really pigmented and blend out easily so they don’t look too harsh. I find I can go as bold or as natural as I want with this palette.

I also reach for the Eylure X Fleur De Force brow palette a lot, I use both the shades in this little kit and they create a really nice natural brow for a daytime look and I find these powders really quick to apply. I’ve done a full review on this product so check that out too.

MAC charcoal brown also works really well for me in my brows and sometimes I just get really in the mood to use this, it is an eye shadow so it is really pigmented but the colour works really well in my brows. I put this little palette together myself.

Brow Gel

On the whole I don’t use brow gels, tinted or clear, so I don’t really own any, but occasionally I’ll feel like I want to use one and if I do, I’ll go for this Fleur De Force 2 in 1 brow gel. The clear one is great for setting brows, it feels really light and doesn’t dry looking crispy but works really well. The tinted gel is great for thickening out the look of your brows on top of another product or for a really natural look on its own.

So they are my standout brow products, I hope this has given you some ideas of some new products to try, I’d also always recommend a small angled brush for your brows like the ones from Anastasia or MAC, they just make life so much easier.

I also always neaten/ sharpen my brows with a cream concealer, and I also get my brows professionally shaped and tinted to make life easier for myself.



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