The Truth about Learning to Drive 

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Today is my first post on something other than beauty and I decided to focus on another topic that is consuming my time at the moment and that is learning to drive and taking my driving test. I thought it’d be interesting to share some truths about learning to drive and taking your test that I learnt from my experience of taking one (and unfortunately failing).

1. Don’t rush to take your test

I appreciate this isn’t necessarily ‘a truth’ but it is a fact. Rushing to take your test doesn’t mean you’re going to be on the road any sooner because if you’re not ready, you won’t pass and that’s what happened to me. The examiner can see right through your ‘confident act’ and knows that you’re not ready. Some people perform really well under pressure and can pull it together but in general if you’re not ready, it won’t go your way. Take your time and do it when you’re ready, no matter how annoying it feels to watch all your friends taking theirs.

2. You really can’t do your practical without your theory. 

Once again, everyone has probably read this and thought ‘obviously’ but I’ve genuinely witnessed so many people go full steam ahead with their lessons, become really ready to do their practical test but they’re not going anywhere because they haven’t done and passed their theory. In my experience, the theory took so much more revising for than I imagined and is genuinely a bigger task than I thought so get it done early on and take it seriously.

3. You will be nervous and that’s normal.

I can confirm it will be up there with the most nerve wracking couple of hours of your life. Your nerves will reach fever point about 5 minutes before your test time and about 30 seconds before the end of your test when you know the result is coming. Power through the nerves and use them as adrenaline to get you through.

4. The independent driving section can get confusing, and quite quickly. 

I had no idea what to expect for the whole test and the independent driving section was what really threw me off. Some people will be fantastic at this; if you’re calm, confident and have a great memory then you’re well away but if you’re like me which was along the lines of a nervous wreck who doesn’t know her lefts and rights then it can get a bit much. My advice is to repeat everything back to your examiner and get confirmation before you go anywhere; they won’t mind you doing that.

5. Minors can add up quickly if you’re not careful

In your driving test, you get assessed through minors and majors, your minors add up and less than 14/15(I think) is a pass but just one major is a fail. I quickly learnt you can get minors for things that seem so ridiculous but it happens so just be careful. Drive with full concentration, check your mirrors thoroughly and take your time. Rushing isn’t worth the minor points you could add up.

6. It isn’t the end of the world. 

I thought I’d end with this one and it is quite simply what everyone will try and tell you, it isn’t the end of the world. It feels so important and essential to your life and yes, it makes life easier if you can taxi yourself about but life will definitely go on if you fail, I can confirm that. If anything, it can make you a better driver with having more supervised practice and it made me so appreciative when I got to start my lessons again.

Thank you for reading and I hope some of these helped prepare you for the road of learning to drive. I wish I’d read something like this when I was rushing into my test. Drive carefully and stay safe! Comment below your top tips for learning to drive and taking the test! If you’d like a more detailed run down on what to expect for the test then let me know!

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