Time for an update 

Hello Everyone,

Apologies for the lack of content but life got extremely busy and I’ll admit I lost direction with this blog. I love writing and creating content for you to all enjoy and your feedback and lovely comments are invaluable to me.

I still love makeup and beauty and treat myself (far too often) to new products and I intend to get back on top of the beauty posts, reviews etc. However, the direction of my career has begun to veer away from beauty and I am exploring other options, hence why I’m going to start adding some more lifestyle focused posts to this. I’m planning posts around eduction, health and fitness, baking and travelling.

Let me know in the comment any posts you’d like to see whether they be beauty, lifestyle or whatever it is you want, I just want to get back to creating interesting content. Once again, thank you for your continued views and support.

Until my next post, goodbye

Ellie x


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18, full time Content and Social Strategist, beauty enthusiast.

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