Top 5 Sites for Christmas Shopping

Christmas is getting really close now and in my experience, December always flys by and before you know it, time for Christmas Shopping has been and gone.

Online shopping is one of my favourite ways to get my Christmas shopping done and I’ve gone back to the same sites time and time again this year so I thought I’d share with you my top 5 online shops for this time of year!


I’ve mentioned my love for ASOS before and that hasn’t changed! I always rely on ASOS for a lot of Christmas presents and invest the £9.99 for their premier delivery as it saves so much money on delivery and everything always arrives next day, without fault!

I love how you can shop so many brands and find something for everyone on one site! If you want some top tips on how to find the best bits on ASOS then check out my post on my top tips for shopping ASOS!

Not On The High Street

Not On The High Street is a great site for gifts all year round but they must get crazy busy at Christmas because so much of the stuff on their is amazing as presents!

It’s another site where you can shop so many different sellers in one place, meaning you can sort so many different people’s gifts all at once!

The main thing I love about Not On The High Street though is the ability to get personalised gifts because I love getting people custom made items as presents so I love so much of their stuff!

I’ve bought items from Bloom Boutique and Wooden Toy Gallery this year so I’ll be sure to share those with you when they arrive!

My 1st Years

This one is a bit more specific but if you’ve got babies or young children to buy for then My 1st Years is a great place to shop!

There’s nothing more thoughtful for first Christmas presents or gifts for small children than personalised clothes and toys and that’s what My 1st Years is perfect for!

Their items all turn up beautifully boxed too when you buy direct from them which means you even save time when it comes to wrapping!

John Lewis

You can’t beat a department store at Christmas and John Lewis is one of my favourites but it’s also so easy to shop all their items online!

John Lewis is great for shopping all kinds of brands of different price points and they always price match their items which means you know you’re getting a good price!

I tend to opt to use John Lewis if I already know what I want to buy and want to get it from a reliable seller!


Paperchase is not just great for ordering all your gift wrapping things but they also do some great gifts!

I always place a big Paperchase order of gift wrap, boxes and decorations etc and get them ordered to my house as it’s easier than trying to carry it all back from the shop but I also love some of their gifting items for stationary or trinket lovers!

So, they’re my top 5 online shops for doing your Christmas shopping and I’d recommend you check out all of them if you’re still on the look out for gifts!

What are your favourite sites for Christmas shopping? Share in the comments to help everyone get their shopping sorted!


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