Top Gluten and Dairy Free Food Picks

I’ve shared my favourite gluten free products before but I know many coeliacs and gluten free eaters who also have to avoid dairy and I myself am supposed to limit my intake.

I thought I’d share with you my top food picks that are gluten and dairy free. Some of these may be duplicates from other posts but these will all be gluten AND dairy free.

Warburtons Gluten Free Bread

One of my favourite gluten free bread brands is Warburtons Gluten Free.

I’ve tried their tiger loaf, mighty mini loaf and sandwich thins and really liked all of them.

All their breads are gluten, wheat and milk free but do contain eggs.

They’re bread is soft and tastes just like normal bread, it also freezes and defrosts well which makes it easier to store.

Warburtons Gluten Free Crumpets

Continuing with products I love from Warburtons Gluten Free that are also dairy free, I ADORE THEIR CRUMPETS!!

I’ve raved about these on my Instagram before but they are so so good and taste just like normal crumpets!

These also freeze and defrost well so I like to stock up and keep them in the freezer until I want them!


Genius Pancakes

Genius’ products are also all gluten, wheat and milk and there’s so many I could recommend but their pancakes are so so good!

I also like the M&S ones but these are my favourite and they contain no gluten or dairy.

They’re soft and fluffy and taste just like normal scotch pancakes.

I also love the cakes from Genius, the best are chocolate muffins and lemon cupcakes, both of which are also gluten and dairy free.


Marks & Spencer’s Dairy Free Caramel Ice Cream Sticks

When I was told to avoid dairy, one of the main things my dietician told me to cut out was ice cream and I love ice cream so that was a problem for me…

I’ve tried a few different dairy free ice creams but the nicest I’ve tried is the M&S dairy free caramel ice cream sticks.

They’re gluten and dairy free magnums basically, they’ve got a thick coating of tasty chocolate and really nice caramel ice cream and I LOVE THEM!


Vitalite Dairy Free Spread

Another thing I stopped using straight away was dairy containing spreads/butter and swapped for dairy free spread which has been one of the easiest swaps to make.

I’ve tried a few but I really like the Vitalite one and have repurchased this one the most. I find it tastes like my regular spreads and goes nicely with toast, crumpets, jacket potatoes, etc.

I also find this one is the most affordable, usually about £1.20!

Tesco Free From Chocolate Sponge Pudding

I’ve mentioned how good these are before but they’re gluten, wheat and milk free so they needed mentioning again in this post.

The Tesco Free From Chocolate sponge puddings are so amazing and a real treat. They’re so chocolatey, a really soft sponge and easy to cook, so they’re just a perfect pudding!

I’ve just picked a few of my favourite gluten and dairy free picks but there’s so many more, the Nestle Go Free Rice Pops, Tesco Chipz crisps and Tesco Free From Pasta are also great picks.

I hope you’ve found this useful if you’re looking for good gluten and dairy free foods to try!

What are your top GF and DF purchases? Share them in the comments!


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