Top Picks for Nude Lips

Every makeup look I do, whether that is a daytime look or for an evening/ special occasion, I will always finish the makeup with a nude lip.

I have different shades of nudes and different formulas and finishes I like, but in general I always favour a nude lip.

I am always on the look out for new nude lip products so I thought I’d share my top picks with you.

I appreciate a lot of these are high end but I tend to invest in lip products over other products, it’s just a preference.


MAC X Fleur De Force Lipstick – I believe this lipstick is now sold out but in general I chose this for the formula, it is a cream sheen which is so comfortable on the lips, I love all the MAC lipsticks in this formula. Luckily, the colour is similar to the others in this post.

Ciate Truffle Lipstick – I picked this up from TKMAXX so if you’re in the UK, keep an eye out in their stores for this. I find the formula of this really similar to MAC cream sheen, again really comfortable and a bit glossy. The colour is a really simple browny/ pink nude.

Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect – I hate the name of this but love the colour and formula, similar to the others but this is probably the easiest to get your hands on. This lipstick lasts really well on me.


Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector – 03

This is my ultimate nude lip gloss, its a browny nude, not sticky at all and very comfortable to wear. I love to wear this on its own or over nude lipsticks. These are one of my favourite formula lip glosses, even though they’re considered a lip balm on the Clarins website.

Chanel Glossimer 181

I am not on a Chanel makeup budget at all, this was a treat on holiday last year. I really cherish this lip gloss because it was pricey, it’s a really nice pinky/coral nude, it looks really nice on its own or can make a browny nude lipstick a bit more pink.

Lip Liner

I only have one lip liner to share as this one does everything, Sleek Bare Essentials 188 lip pencil. I showed this pencil as a dupe for MAC whirl in a previous post and it really is. It’s a darkish, brown nude colour that is soft and easy to apply and lasts really well.

Lip Oil

This is my favourite for ‘no lipstick days’, some days I just want to not wear any real lip products, my look might not need it or sometimes I just feel my lips look dry and need some help. The Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil is so nourishing for lips, and it adds a natural gloss that I think is also really plumping for the lips. I have the raspberry one but they do lots of flavours now with slightly different finishes.

I also highly rate pink vaseline for no lip product days.

I hope you guys found this useful and have seen some products you’d like to invest in.

If you’d be interested in an all budget version of this post, with items from the high street / drugstore then let me know.


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