My Top Tips for a Successful Dry January

How many years have you said ‘I’m going to do Dry January’, lasted until the first week and then caved?

A lot of us have been there but this year I am determined to get through the whole of January without drinking a single alcoholic drink, so I thought I’d share some of my top tips for a successful Dry January in 2019!

1. Find Alternative Ways to Socialise

One of the main reasons people fail at Dry January is because they try to go on their usual nights out to bars and clubs and attempt not to drink which is never really going to work, so my best advice is to find alternative ways to socialise!

Swap your clubbing nights for a trip to the cinema, a long drive, a movie night and takeaway at home, going to visit a family member or friend for dinner, or whatever else you fancy, just choose something that isn’t centred around alcohol!

2. Put Your Night Out Money in a Savings Jar

If you’re struggling to stick to your Dry January challenge, the concept of how much you’re saving will definitely be enough to keep you on track!

At the beginning of the month, workout how much you’d usually spend on your average night out and when it gets to the weekend, put that money in a jar where you can see it and watch it build up over the month and then when February comes, you’ll have some spare cash to get yourself a treat!

3. Keep a Good Stock of Nice Alcohol Free Drinks 

There’s nothing worse than spending a month drinking coke, lemonade or water everywhere you go, so when you’re at home, make sure you’ve got a good stock of tasty alcohol free drinks in!

I love brands like Belvoir Fruit Farms who make delicious soft drinks and cordials that are just as enjoyable as your favourite alcoholic drinks! They do a selection of non-alcoholic wines and even an alcohol free version of a G&T!

Keeping your favourite non-alcoholic drinks in the house is the perfect way to avoid temptation to have an alcoholic drink!

4. Get Your Friends and Family Involved

Let’s be honest, if you fail at Dry January, it’s usually because a friend or family member has been a bad influence, so the best way to avoid that situation is to rope all your nearest and dearest into doing Dry January with you!

Dry January is actually a charity campaign being run by a number of charities but two of the main ones are Alcohol Change UK and Cancer Research!

You can sign up to join Dry January with either of these charities and get loads of extra information and resources to help you through the month when you sign up!

There’s over 4 million people set to take part this year, so why not?

Here’s to a booze free month to get the year started off right! Join me on Instagram and Twitter with your Dry January updates because I’d love to know how you’re getting on!



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