Top Travel Tips for the Nervous Flyer 

The bulk of the holiday season may be over, but I’ll be jetting off on my summer holiday this weekend, so I’ve decided to flood the blog with holiday related content this week.

Even if these posts are no longer relevant to you this year, hopefully, these are something you can come back to and make the most of next time you’re off on your holidays.

I’m the definition of a ‘nervous flyer’, I do not like flying, it makes me very anxious and there’s no part of being on a plane that I enjoy.

Over time, I’ve found certain things that make me more relaxed while flying and generally make my experience better, so I thought I’d share those with you in the hope that if you too are a nervous traveler, these tips will help you feel a little calmer.

1. Have Everything You Need With You 

Obviously, you’ll pack the majority of your belongings in your luggage, and there’s only so much hand luggage you can have on the plane with you, but nothing makes me feel more relaxed than having everything I need for the flight with me. I’m going to do a post this week on what I pack in my carry on, but as a quick run down of things I have that keeps me calm, this is what I’d suggest:

  • rescue remedy pastilles
  • rennies (I’m scared of being sick and these calm me down)
  • a bottle of water
  • my phone
  • paracetamol

2. Sit Where You’re Most Comfortable 

It’s rare that you’ll find a comfortable plane seat unless you’re in first class, but choosing the best seat for you will make all the difference in how relaxed you feel. Flying with an airline that allows you to pre-choose your seat when booking is great, but if you can’t do that and have to wait until the day to find out, you can still try and negotiate a window or aisle seat, whatever makes you feel happiest.

3. Keep Yourself Busy 

Providing yourself with plenty to do is the best way to keep yourself busy and occupied on a flight. I always find if I’m busy or entertained, I feel more relaxed, so make sure you have your phone, a book, a puzzle book, an iPad with films or whatever you like to do with you. I’d recommend getting stuck into something that will occupy you as soon as possible so you haven’t got time to start panicking.

4. Avoid Things That Make You Nervous Anyway 

This probably sounds obvious, don’t add more anxiety to an already anxious situation but you’d be surprised how easy it is to do this by accident. Eating and food is a great source of anxiety for me, so eating on a plane is something that is bound to make me nervous, so the best way for me to reduce those nerves, is to take my own food with me that I know is gluten free and safe for me to eat. If you have something that is an everyday anxiety, and you’re bound to come across it on a flight, do what you can to reduce that problem.

5. Think About the End Goal 

My biggest tip of all is to look forward to the end goal, don’t think about the flight as part of your holiday, but just a means of transport to get you to where you’re going. Get yourself excited about all the fun to come on your holiday and let that take over your nerves for the flight.

I hope this has helped if you’re feeling nervous about an upcoming flight, or if travelling is something you struggle with in general. Always try and remember that flying is said to be the safest form of transport!

If you have any top tips for nervous travellers, please share them in the comments below!



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