Unboxing: Juvela Gluten Free Sample Box

Since having to go on a strict gluten free diet, I’ve tried to still keep as much variety in my diet as possible, but this is so hard and I’ve found I’ve become so reliant on my favourites.

I find these gluten free sample boxes from brands are a perfect way to try lots of new products without having to go out and by them all without knowing if you like them.

I’ve had one of these free sample boxes from Glutafin which was had so much in it and I was so impressed by that, and we also paid for one from Doves Farm which was again really extensive but quite expensive.

I saw this Juvela box advertised on Facebook so decided to sign up and within a week the box had arrived, which in my experience with these kinds of things, is really quick! 

What’s Inside?

I got sent the big purple box and then a smaller brown box with two fresh loaves of bread in, but between the two boxes, here’s what products I got:

  • Fibre flakes
  • Pasta
  • Crisp breads
  • Pizza bases
  • White rolls
  • Long life fibre loaf
  • Fresh fibre loaf
  • Fresh white loaf 
  • White flour mix 

You also get loads of different paperwork/booklets with it which are actually really useful, there’s some basic recipes and a really useful food diary/meal planner which I think I’m going to get use out of! 

I haven’t tried any of the products yet but I wanted to share the contents of the box with you as I opened it and then I can let you know as I go on!

Have you tried any Juvela products? 

If you’re coeliac or live on a gluten free diet for medical reasons, you can sign up for your free sample box here


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  1. This sounds like a nice box! Might have to get one for my sister since she was recently diagnosed with Coeliacs disease. Thanks for sharing xx

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