What to do with a weekend in Chester

17th February 2017 – a late Valentine’s weekend break to Chester.

Me and my boyfriend booked a weekend away to Chester to celebrate Valentine’s as both of us worked on the actual day and unfortunately didn’t see each other.

Neither of us had ever been to Chester before, even though the pretty, historical city is not far from our home town.

We booked to stay in the premier inn, pretty much in the city centre. Although this wasn’t the height of romance or luxury, it was affordable, reliable and who doesn’t love a premier inn breakfast?

We loved being a 2 minute walk away from the heart of the city but we weren’t exposed to any late light noise so we were happy with the choice.

We wanted to do all there was to do in 3 days so I thought it would be nice to share with you what we found were the best things to pack into a ‘whistle stop’ tour of Chester.

1. Grosvner Park

Grosvner Park is in the heart of the city but it’s a really tranquil place to go for a walk. It’s quite big so it can take some time to wander around which we found lovely. The weather was bright and dry when we went so it was nice to be outside. There’s also lots of squirrels, and they’re really friendly (see below image for evidence of friendly squirrels). We didn’t interfere with them at all, they wander over to see you.

2. Shopping

I couldn’t visit a city and not browse the shops, and I’d heard a lot about the shopping scene in Chester. Overall, it’s good. A decent selection of shops, all relatively close together but it’s a really nice city to walk around while you’re shopping. Cheshire Oaks (a designer outlet village) is also only 10/15 minutes drive away which is a great addition to any shopping trip.

3. The Cathedral

This was a really beautiful experience and one we came across completely by accident.  We’d been walking around the outskirts of the city and came across the cathedral. You can just walk around at your own pace and take it all in. There’s an area where you can light a candle, maybe for a loved one you’ve lost which is what we did. It was so nice to have half an hour of peace out of the hustle and bustle of the city.

4. Walk along the river 

Before I talk about this, I’ve called it a river, if it isn’t a river but some other form of water then I apologise. Anyway, just outside of the park, is a river with benches all along it. We went on a sunny day so we took some time to sit alongside the river and just chat. It sounds stupid but when you’re cramming everything into 48 hours, it’s easy to forget to take moments in and just enjoy each other’s company. There’s also a highly rated restaurant called ‘Hickorys Smokehouse’ on the riverside. We didn’t get chance to try but the menu looked great!

5. The Roman Amphitheater 

Chester is historically known for being a roman city. If you don’t want to pay to do the ‘Roman City Experience’ (I did that many years ago and it’s great for younger kids), then visiting the roman amphitheater is free and a nice, quick site to see to fill 20 minutes. We loved reading the signs and learning some of the history to break the day up.
6. Chester Zoo

An obvious one, but while you’re in the city, Chester Zoo is a must do. We did this on the last day of our visit as we could plan it in to our route home. We also planned to go on a Monday so the tickets were cheaper and booked in advance online to save some money. I can’t really say much because I think everyone knows what a zoo is like, but Chester Zoo is massive and they’d just had a new baby giraffe born which was so cute.

We probably did some other things but these were the stand out things to do for me and the ones we’d recommend to anyone visiting.

I hope you’ve found this interesting and if you’re planning a trip to Chester then enjoy and let me know if you try any of these places!

Let me know what you’d like to see next, I’m always open to post ideas!


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