Where To Shop for Holiday Clothes at The End of Summer

Most people have been jetting off on their sunny holidays since June, and holiday clothes have been in the shops since May time ready for the prime summer holiday season, but what if you’re not holidaying in the peak of the summer months?

We’ve booked our holiday this year for early September, so I wasn’t really looking at holiday clothes until end of July/August and I’ve really struggled to find summery holiday clothes because all the shops have packed away the swimwear and pulled out the knitwear.

I totally understand that they have to be prepared for the new seasons well in advance but it’s a bit of a pain if you’re planning an ‘out of season’ holiday. 

I thought I’d share with you where I’ve still managed to pick up some holiday/summer clothes at the end of August(even if I have had to wade through the chunky jumpers to find them)!


I honestly think Topshop can be hugely hit or miss. I either love everything and need to take a loan out to satisfy my wants, or you couldn’t pay me to buy anything, there’s no in between, but at the moment, they’re killing it!

I’m loving the general vibe that Topshop are going for, and I really think they nailed their summer to autumn transition.

I’ve been loving the denim mini skirts and think they’re versatile and perfect for both holidays and winter, and I even managed to pick up a summery, lightweight playsuit.


Another one that either takes my whole wage in one hit or has absolutely nothing I want is ASOS, but I can’t deny it is the ultimate destination for clothes all year round.

You can pick up something for every season no matter what time of year it is which is perfect if you’re going on a late summer holiday!

I went to ASOS for a lot of my swimwear because I can explore lots of different brands and I’m really happy with what I managed to pick up.

Pretty Little Thing

It was quite a while before I jumped on the hype for all the internet based boutique style clothing sites like PLT, Miss Pap, etc but I have to admit, Pretty Little Thing is my fave!

I love their stuff, especially the dresses. I’ve had a few pieces where the sizing has been a bit off but I’ve had 3 dresses from them and they’ve all fitted perfectly.

They’ve got such a good mix of formal and casual dresses and I love the mix of super affordable to their more premium collection. 

Motel Rocks

I’ve had a Motel Rocks dress before and it was really lovely but since Amber Davies has paired up with them, I just can’t get enough of their stuff!

It is pretty pricey sometimes, but the quality is lovely and I like how the stuff is a little more unique to everything else on the high street, so you feel like you’re picking up something a litttle different for your money!

I picked up the most beautiful wrap dress I saw on Amber and I really love it! 

I hope this has been helpful if you’re struggling to find holiday clothes at the end of the summer months.

I wish I had more shops to recommend, but it has been a bit of a struggle and I only wanted to recommend the ones I thought were genuinely good!

If you’ve seen any shops that are still filled with nice holiday clothes, share in the comments! 


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  1. I’m so sad that summers ending but I’m also so excited for autumn! I may have to pay a visit to these shops just so I can hold onto autumn for a little longer haha. Great post! X

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