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Today’s post is done in collaboration with Yomi Rodrig from Yomi Rodrig Beauty. We’ll be sharing with you our top 10 desk drawer beauty essentials!


I often get asked how I went from studying beauty to working in marketing, and the answer to that is purely that my needs in life changed. I needed a more routine, stable job, I needed a more reliable income and in all honesty, I wanted to go back into academics after having a break to study beauty after my GCSES, hence I have now started my apprenticeship.

Just because I don’t study, train or work in beauty anymore, doesn’t mean my interest has gone, I’m still obsessed with all things beauty, hence this blog was born to allow me to have a place to indulge in everything I love, including beauty and makeup.

I get a lot of questions about how I keep up an interest in beauty when it’s no longer the main focus in my life and that led me on to wanting to share all the day to day ways beauty is still apart of my life and I’m going to start today with my desk draw beauty essentials.

I decided this would be a fun piece to do in collaboration with someone, which is why I have teamed up with Yomi Rodrig, a fellow female office worker who has previously studied and worked in beauty.

We’ve come together to share with you our top 10 desk draw beauty essentials that we think you need with you in the office at all times.

Desk Draw 1


MAC STUDIO FIX POWDER – Anyone who struggles with oily skin needs a powder with them at all times which is why I keep one at my desk for mattifying my makeup throughout the day. I personally use the MAC Studio Fix Powder as it has a slight colour to it, but any powder will do the job. I also keep a small, travel-sized Zoeva powder brush for applying it.

Desk Draw 3

COLLECTION LASTING PERFECTION CONCEALER – If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know that I struggle with acne, which means I often find myself reapplying concealer throughout the day, hence I always have one with me, even at work. I always use the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, so it seemed like the obvious choice to keep with me.

Desk Draw 6

TANGLE TEEZER – I don’t often talk about hair care, or my hair in general on the blog because in all honesty, it’s the part of beauty that interests me the least but saying that I have pretty long hair (waist length) and although it’s fine, there’s a lot of it and it has a tendency to go wavy and a bit frizzy so keeping it well brushed is essential to keeping me looking half decent. I find using a Tangle Teezer works really well with my hair type and they’re so compact that they’re perfect for throwing in a desk drawer.

Desk Draw 5

SECTIONING CLIP – You may think this is a strange one, but let me explain! I don’t sit at my desk styling my hair and need a sectioning clip for its actual purpose; I can’t stand having my hair in my face so if I come into work with it all down and start to get annoyed and want it out the way, I’ll clip the top section back with one of these clips and its quick, easy and out the way. (I’d throw it in a messy bun but I’m not one of the lucky ones, it never works!!)

TRAVEL SIZED PERFUME – I always put on perfume before I leave the house in the morning (Chanel Coco Mademoiselle is my current choice) but sometimes it’s nice to freshen up through the day, so I keep a travel sized perfume in my draw. I have the Shay & Blue – Atropa Belladonna which I won’t lie, I got in a beauty advent calendar last year, thought smelt nice and was a good size and hey presto… it’s now in my work draw!

Desk Draw 2


Hi everyone, I’m Yomi, I studied beauty for a couple of years in college but now work in an office doing business administration! Like Ellie, I’m still a real girly girl and like to fill my desk drawer with beauty bits, so here are my essentials!

VASELINE/LIP BALM – One thing I grab for day in day out at work is my tin of Vaseline, I can’t be without it. I never struggled with dry lips until I worked in an office, so I think it must be something to do with the air conditioning but I’m always in need of lip balm now. I think I’ve tried all the varieties Vaseline has brought out, but I just can’t resist the Lulu Guinness Limited Edition tins!

desk Draw 4

INVISI BOBBLE – Similar to Ellie’s reasons for having a sectioning clip in her draw, I always have a couple of Invisibobbles in my draw for throwing my hair up and out of my face when it starts to get on my nerves half way through the day. I always start off with good intentions and style my hair nicely in the morning but by lunch, it’s usually up. Using an Invisibobble means it won’t kink my hair though so I can take it out and wear it down again when I leave in the evening!

BENEFIT HOOLA BRONZER – I don’t personally wear a lot of foundation or concealer, so that isn’t something I keep on me but I do like to pack on the bronzer so I keep one in my draw so I can top up through the day. My favourite is the Benefit Hoola Bronzer as it’s a great shade to match my skin tone.

CLEAR BROW GEL – This may sound a little excessive to some but due to my ethnic background, I was blessed (or cursed) with naturally big eyebrows. I do get them groomed regularly but they can still easily get out of control so although I don’t have to fill them in every day, I do run clear brow gel through them to keep them in place and I keep it with me in case I need a top up. I’ve tried lots but my favourite is the Anastasia Beverly Hills.

NAIL GLUE – Any ladies out there who stick on false nails themselves or get acrylics will now the struggle of losing a nail. It’s not a good look and more than anything, it makes typing seriously difficult at work so I always keep a small tube of nail glue in my draw in case I lose one and need to perform a quick repair at work!

So, they’re mine and Yomi Rodrig’s top recommendations for beauty bits to keep on hand in your desk drawer!

What are your desk draw essentials? Let us know in the comments!

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