Your Good Skin 28 Day Challenge – My Experience

I partnered up with Your Good Skin over on Instagram to take part in their 28 Day Challenge! I’ve now completed my skincare challenge and decided it was time to share with you my thoughts and results!


I shared with you guys that I was doing the 28 day challenge with Your Good Skin a few weeks back and now I’ve completed it, so I thought I’d share with you my experience.

I joined up with Your Good Skin, a new skincare range available at Boots, made for women, by women; if you want to hear more about what the challenge and brand are about, check out my initial blog post here!

I created a full routine using just Your Good Skin products and the items I used were:

Nourishing Hot Cloth Cleanser

Instant Hydration Rescue

Pore Minimising Tonic

Balancing Skin Concentrate

Blemish Clearing Calming Cream Cleanser

Oil Lifting Makeup Remover Wipes

Oil Lifting Makeup Remover Wipes

I used to be anti-makeup wipes, I never used them and never really liked them but I’ve finished this whole pack of 40 over the whole challenge because I actually liked these ones!

They work really well which is more than I can say for most makeup wipes I’ve tried!

These leave my face totally clean and clear of makeup which is all I really wanted them to do!

Pore Minimising Tonic

I never really used toners but this one is really nice. It aims to balance skin pH and minimise the appearance of pores; I used this morning and night and it just made my skin feel smoother and more refined.

Balancing Skin Concentrate

The Balancing Skin Concentrate is the hero product of the range and the one that has the potential to really make a difference to your skin.

I never usually use skin concentrates as I keep my skincare routine really basic but I’ve really enjoyed using this product since I received it.

This product feels so luxurious but really gentle and light on the skin and generally gives you a more balanced and refined skin tone and texture, I think this product has a lot to do with reducing the pain in my skin.

Instant Hydration Rescue

I’ve messed around with moisturisers for years and never really settled with one but the Instant Hydration Rescue is really nice.

You don’t need a lot of this product, hence it is quite small as a little goes a long way as it is quite intense.

The hydration of this product lasts around 12-hours and I can confirm I think that is accurate as I haven’t suffered with any of my usual dry patches.

Blemish Clearing Calming Cream Cleanser

I bought this product for myself after trying some of the items that I was sent as I wanted a cleanser for in the shower and decided this one would suit my skin best.

I think this product has a lot to do with reducing the redness and pain in my skin as it is a calming cleanser and the cream texture of the product is so gentle and soothing.

Nourishing Hot Cloth Cleanser

I got sent this product as a Christmas present from the brand and I was so excited as I really wanted to try this after using some of the other products.

I love Hot Cloth cleansers and would go as far as to say this is a dupe for the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser that everyone loves, including myself.

This product is great for removing makeup and cleaning your skin and feels really luxurious when you use it.

I tried to just use the Your Good Skin products to get the full results and considering how extensive the range is, it was easy to find the right product for every occasion.

I have quite bad acne and I also take a hormone pill which causes acne so it was fair to say that these products had their work cut out with my skin!

My skin was never going to be perfect but since using these products I have seen a decrease in how many spots I’m getting and my skin is nowhere near as painful as it used to be.

I used to get very red, inflamed blemishes that were painful and since using the Your Good Skin products, although I still get some blemishes, they’re a lot smaller and less dramatic and not painful at all.

I was never expecting fully clear skin so I’m actually really impressed with how much clearer it is and I imagine when I continue to use these products, my skin will continue to get better.

Overall, I am so happy I decided to work with Your Good Skin and take part in the 28 Day Challenge because I have been introduced to a great range of skincare products that I may not have otherwise tried and my skin has definitely benefited from using the products.

I am going to continue to use these products even though I have now finished the challenge and plan to pick up more products from the range!

If you want to check out my journey on the challenge, check out my instagram @elliepoolx or if you want to follow other people’s journeys, check out the hashtags #yourgoodskin and #28daychallenge.

If you’re ready to try some of the products, head in store or online to Boots to check out the range!

If you have any questions about the brand or the products, feel free to leave them in the comments or drop me a message!

* I partnered with Your Good Skin for an Instagram collaboration and was sent four products in return for Instagram coverage. This blog post is not sponsored and all opinion on both here and Instagram are my own.


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